Welcome to Paul N6PSE’s blog page. I am a Silicon Valley IT & Security consultant. My hobbies are amateur radio and adventure travel.

I love to organize and participate in amateur radio DXpeditions. In the last three years, I have visited the following countries or “entities” as we call them.

Iraq, Egypt, South Sudan, Fiji, Rotuma Island, Ethiopia, Yemen, Conway Reef, China, North Korea, Mount Athos, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, South Korea and Myanmar.

You can also follow our activites on Facebook, by following the Intrepid-DX Group.

Thank you,

Paul N6PSE

  1. Paul – I’ll be in the bay area in the near future (7-9 September) and would love to chat with you about your novel concept. Just the kind of way to have a rational, civic discourse about DPRK.

  2. Craig says:

    Nice blog Paul. Well written and thought provoking

  3. Russ Guidry says:

    What a great read. Thanks Paul, you are a true writer and interviewer,

  4. Hello Paul! Congratulations for you DXCC Honor Roll, I’m very happy for you!! Welcome to DXCC HR CLUB! 73
    Siso HK3W

  5. EP2LMA ( mohammad ) says:

    Hello Paul

    This is EP2LMA ( mohammad ) i am in the EP2A camp. and i just read somewhere in the internet about your interest to make dxpedition in iran but it was for long time ago. also i could not find any email address.
    i was the manager of EP6T and also EP2A now with help of EP3MIR . so if you still want to come here for dxpedition or any ham radio activity just email me.

  6. We ask for permission to print your blog on our North Korea page at http://www.dokufunk.org
    Amateur Radio / DXCC entities / North Korea
    73, Wolf, OE1WHC (Another one who almost made it to P5 – and had his Beijing ticket booked, to…)

  7. Rory Sena says:

    So Paul, hows that great DX rig you won the IC-7300? I know you can’t wait to take it on your next DXExpedition. You were right behind me when you bought those 2 winning tickets. I just read your P5 story and I feel bad for everyone, I know you’re the better man an in not naming those who breached secrecy. 73 Rory N6OIL

  8. Olin Beall says:

    Hi Paul, I noted that RadioSport (Arlan Communications) was a sponsor for the VP8 DXpedition. Did you use one of their headsets and what was your impression of them? I am looking forward to your presentation at the PNW DX Convention in August.

    • n6pse says:

      The RadioSport headsets were outstanding! I plan to buy two of them for my own shack and future DXpeditions needs.

      Best wishes,

      Paul N6PSE

  9. Olin Beall says:

    Thanks for your response. I have been considering the Heil Pro 7 and the RadioSport.

  10. funkoffizier8@gmail.com says:

    Well, my experience with ft8 on 6 meters this summer has been very good. During the summer
    vhf contest counting the number of active signal trails was something like cw=2, usb=4, ft8=54
    or so. I think cw and ssb dxing are done on this band if this keeps up.

    dave, aa6xv

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