Are you among the “Deserving”

Posted: July 11, 2018 in Uncategorized


There has been much written over the years about “the Deserving” and their ability to work DX vs the “Undeserving” who fail to get the DX that they seek.

The Deserving:

The Deserving optimizes their station as much as possible for best performance.
The Deserving is ready and prepared for that sudden rare activation.
The Deserving hones their operating and station building skills.
The Deserving listens before calling and studies the pileup.
The Deserving gets up in the middle of the night to work the DX.
The Deserving takes a vacation day from work to work the DX.
The Deserving uses CW/SSB/RTTY and FT8 to maximize their toolbox.
The Deserving provides some level of support to DX Foundations and DXpeditions.

The Undeserving:

The undeserving neglects their station as it falls into disrepair.
The underserving believes their 100 watts and a wire should work anything/everything.
The underserving whines and complains when he/she can’t work the DX.
The undeserving complains that the DX didn’t accommodate their busy schedule.
The undeserving fails to recognize the value of CW to boost their skills and increase their chances for a contact.
The undeserving does nothing to help or support DX Foundations and DXpeditions.

The vast majority of DXers are among the Deserving. They are ready and able to work any rare DX that comes along. Are you among the Deserving?

What do you think?

  1. Peter W2IRT says:

    Well said, and I agree with every word….even though I occasionall complain that my well-optimized station still can’t get through on 160 sometimes .

  2. W3UR Bernie says:

    Agreed and remember The Deserving always starts with a capital DX, always. The Deserving always stand proud! (thank you Professor Cass)

  3. W3UR Bernie says:

    whoops – that’s a capital D not DX – but DX is also always capitalized.

  4. Roger says:

    I agree with your statement that the deserving get up in the middle of the night to work the DX. Also, the deserving are tenacious — they don’t give up. If they stay up all night and come up short on 40m or 30m they try it again the next night.

    In my case, I have a marginal antenna system. Also, propagation was erratic here in Mid America. But, with perseverance, I was able to work the Baker DXpedition on 4 bands and all 3 modes — CW, SSB, Digital. For me FT8 was a MAJOR help.

    73 Roger Oklahoma City K5RKS

  5. Enno, PF5X says:

    I do not like the verb “deserve” a lot in the context of a hobby. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am not a native English speaker. Anyway, to me that it is more a matter of commitment to the targets you set for yourself. E.g. I would never ever add FT8 to my toolbox. Am I underserving now ? I do not think so, I just do not get the results associated with the use of FT8. All I do is to try to optimize my station within the limitations I have (geographically, financially, zoning, etc), be patience and, most of all, have fun & enjoy my hobby (in my case do CW dx-ing). So, all in all, I agree to most of the statements above provided (Un)Deserving is replaced by (Un)Committed.

    • N6PSE's Blog says:

      Hello Enno, Hugh A. “Cass” Cassidy WA6AUD came up with “the Deserving” term long ago. He used that term in his West Coast DX Bulletin for many years.

      The “Deserving” is a mind set or attitude, similar to the “winning attitude” that many athletes have. Its like “I am going to work that DX no matter what”.

      You do not have to use FT8 but some of us find it a useful and fun mode.


      Paul N6PSE

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