Are you ready for VP6D Ducie 2018?

Posted: September 8, 2018 in Uncategorized


Final preparations are being made for the upcoming VP6D Ducie Island DXpedition. The Perseverance DX Group has shipped their gear to the venerable Braveheart and it is being loaded aboard in Tauranga New Zealand.

This should be a really good activation with an experienced and highly skilled team. Let’s hope that propagation allows for an effective activation and that everyone has a good time working them.


Some of the VP6D gear in California about to be flown to New Zealand.


Steve W1SRD prepares the logging gear.


Braveheart Owner Nigel Jolly and his son, Captain Matt Jolly ensure that the gear is properly loaded and stowed aboard the Braveheart.


The gear is stowed and the voyage will soon begin. For more information on the VP6D DXpedition, their website is:

They are also on Facebook as VP6D-Ducie-2018. You can make a donation to support the team’s mission at:

Good luck and safe travels for the VP6D Team!


  1. Gene says:

    Many of the Pelican cases you see in the photo were loaned to us by Paul N6PSE and the Intrepid DX Group. Also from Paul and the Group is a Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal that we’ll use along with our other BGANs.

    We’re just finishing up some details before the ship sails. Nigel’s bill is paid in full as is the freight bill to get about 1.5 kg (3,000lbs) of equipment to New Zealand.

    Thanks to the Intrepid Group and the Braveheart crew for their help in making Ducie real.

    GS K5GS

  2. Wayne says:

    With the band conditions where they are is the timing of such a dxpedition worthwhile ?

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