My DXpedition videos and Slide Shows

Posted: May 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

Over the years, I have made many slide shows and short videos of our many adventures.

Here is a list of the slide shows and videos with links to view them:

VP8SGI-a stop in South Georgia video, January 2016:

VP8STI DXpedition video, January, 2016:

VP8SGI DXpedition video, January, 2016:



XZ1J Myanmar 2013 DXpedition Video:

XZ1J Myanmar 2013 DXpedition slide show:

Slide show highlights of YI9PSE, ST0R, ET3AA, 3D2R and 7O6T DXpeditions:

DPRK 2015 visit slide show:

The Children of the DPRK, slide show:

7O6T DXpedition Video from Socotra, Yemen, May 2012:

7O6T DXpedition slide show, May 2012:

Mount Athos visit, November 2012:

3D2C Conway Reef DXpedition Slide Show, Oct 2012:

ET3AA activation and Youth Mentorship Project, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, December 2012:

3D2R Rotuma Island DXpedition Slide Show, September 2011:

ST0R DXpedition, South Sudan, July, 2011 Slide Show:

April 2010, YI9PSE DXpedition from Erbil, IRAQ Slide Show:

What do you think?

Paul N6PSE



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