Who is Low Cost Ham Radio.com?

Posted: September 11, 2017 in Uncategorized


Recently, a new ham radio website was launched. The URL is http://www.lowcosthamradio.com

This site states “Amateur radio should not be an hobby for the rich people! in recent years, however, we have witnessed increased equipment costs which can dissuade a lot of people, especially young people from becoming amateur radio”

It goes on further to state ” This is insane for the wealth of the entire community. LowCostHamradio.com doesn’t want a muscle hobby where the rich race to get more and more KW to overcome others”

The website touts some of the features and benefits of low cost radios by BaoFeng and Xeigu. These are cheap, difficult to use radios manufactured in China.  The website lists several reviews and tries to get you to sign you up for their updates.

What I find strange about this website is that no where do they list who they are, what their ham call signs are. In fact, the registration for the lowcosthamradio.com domain was done confidentially. This means they pay a fee to the domain registration organization to keep the ownership of this website private. Typically, websites of a dubious nature such as porn sites or other illegal schemes employ the private registration. IF this is a legit website, why are they secretive about who they are?

So before I give this website any credence, I want to know who is behind LowCostHamradio.com

Don’t you want to know?

  1. Mike KJ4Z says:

    The fact that everything on the site is a paid Amazon Associates link tells me all I need to know. The reviews and overall motivation may be earnest, but this is ultimately an attempt to make a quick buck. Ho-hum, nothingburger really.

  2. John says:

    Some kind of spam website I suppose. Not sure.

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