Responding to “keyboard cowards”

Posted: July 24, 2017 in Uncategorized


One aspect of Amateur Radio that I don’t particularly care for are the various unmoderated forums where the misinformed, opinionated and self righteous can converge and discuss their views without any regard to fact, fairness or any sort of Goodwill.

The DXing forum on is one such place. Due to its lack of moderation, it has become the “bad neighborhood” on the internet just as we have 14.275 and 14.313 on twenty meters. It is a place where men that have done nothing for the DX Community sit in their underwear and dirty T shirt and boldly state any of their opinions as fact. It is a place where the alcohol and drug addled can espouse their views and trash anyone/everyone as fair game. I came to realize this not too long ago and have stopped posting in this forum, however the trashing and bashing continues.

This past week, my access to Eham. Net became blocked for some strange reason. I contacted Eham and they told me that my IP address was mysteriously blocked. Once this blockage was removed, I could see that once again NU1O and his ilk are bashing me in the DXing forum based on my past efforts to activate the DPRK (North Korea) and other rare places. For the record, I have abandoned any efforts to activate the DPRK and at the end of the day, I was unwilling to pay their fee for permission to bring a team and operate.

These “keyboard cowards” are calling me a traitor for trying to make a rare activation. I bet none of them has the courage to call me a traitor to my face. None of these guys have the courage to go to North Korea, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea as I have in an effort to give contacts to the Global DX Community. The guys that run ought to spend some time reviewing the content of their forums and set the tone for reasonable decorum rather than the mosh pit of garbage that it has become.

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What do you think?

  1. Ray says:

    Hi Paul, = Fake News

    You can’t take any of these forums seriously. My suggestion is not to read! Ignore and delete!

    • N6PSE's Blog says:

      Hello Ray, yes you know all too well with the regular bashing that RHR gets in these forums. You guys have taken a lot of heat and I admire you for your devotion to the hobby.

  2. Silvano says:

    Hi Paul,
    continue on your way,
    Envy is a disease.
    We too were massacred by alleged friends.
    This has made us stronger to continue.
    73 ciao Silvano i2ysb

    • N6PSE's Blog says:

      Hello Silvano-I2YSB. Yes, you and I know how challenging and difficult it is to make these rare activations. Even when we meet our goals there is always the guys that complain that they wanted more more more. I have so much admiration for you and your team and everything that you have accomplished. Best wishes my friend,


      Paul N6PSE

  3. Mike KJ4Z says:

    I stopped posting there over a year ago. The tenor of discussions had just degraded too far. Several other people I know have also essentially abandoned My guess is, the moderators don’t know what to do about the problem and are just going to let it run into the ground. There are some really interesting viewpoints on there, but also a lot of unwarranted nastiness. Even at this late stage though, I was surprised when I saw the seemingly unprovoked ad hominem attacks the other day. As for why your IP would have been blocked, that’s a really curious thing.

    Another prominent DXpeditioner once told me, when we met face to face, “stay off of eham.” Sorry to say, he was clearly on to something. Ignore (if you can) and just enjoy your hobby your way.

    • N6PSE's Blog says:

      Mike, I completely agree with you. Its too bad that Eham does not moderate that forum to any degree. I think the DX Community as a whole benefits when people share ideas, views and techniques with each other. But all that is diminished by the attention seeking misfits who resort to personal attacks.

  4. Robert H. Pusch, WD8NVN says:

    I am proud of myself for staying away from Eham, QRZ Forums, and the rest…. At the beginning and, at the end of the day, unregulated ham radio social media is like hanging-out at a lousy bar while watching re-runs of The Jerry Springer Show…——A total waste of time..

    • N6PSE's Blog says:

      Robert, you are so right. I had stopped sharing my views on Eham months ago but even then, the attacks continue. The Internet makes it to easy for the misfits of society to become Internet trolls.

  5. K0YQ says:

    I used to really enjoy eham and still check in from time to time. The eham forums *could* be a nice place to share DX news, successes, stories and laughs. I personally like the idea of a centralized DX forum where I can read the thoughts and comments of the top DX ops and top expeditioners like N6PSE and I2YSB. But as with pretty much everything else a few nasty blowhards ruin it for everyone. Sigh.

  6. radioartisan says:

    Eham has had a moderation and editorial problem for a long time. I gave up on that site years ago after I complained to them about a user blatantly trolling. Their solution was to delete one of the troller’s posts. That user is still there to this day. QRZ at least tries to moderate discussions, but they tend to have a toxic environment, too, and their moderators can be just as bad as the trollers. It seems most high profile / subject matter expert radio amateurs have left Eham, and to some extent QRZ. The best thing we can do is create other outlets for discussion and let these unsavory neighborhoods whither away. Paul, with your stature in the DXing community, you undoubtedly could create such an alternative forum.

    • Mike KJ4Z says:

      I am not an Redditor, but I wonder if a lot of the discussion is moving (or has moved) to more general purpose forum sites, like Reddit. One “advantage” of these sorts of socially-moderated sites is the worst comments get down-voted and get hidden automatically, so the forum becomes self-policing. Maybe this also provides a useful signal to the inadvertent troll that his attitude is not universal and is not welcome? I would speculate that a lot of the newer blood coming into the hobby is already familiar with Reddit, and just naturally goes there, bypassing stand-alone forum sites like eham.

      • radioartisan says:

        I frequent Reddit, though I wouldn’t classify myself as a hardcore “Redditor”. It’s definitely a different vibe in the amateur radio subredit than what you’ll find on Eham or QRZ. I find the crowd to be younger, more friendly, more curious, and not so politically polarized. As you mention, it’s socially-moderated and it tends to bury the haters, idiots, blow-hards, and trollers. There is a risk of groupthink developing, but compared to the mess Eham and QRZ have devolved into, it’s a minor risk and one I haven’t really seen. I’d much rather have new prospective amateurs find amateur radio subredits and not QRZ or Eham. I wonder how many new hams we’ve lost, ones whose only initial exposure to amateur radio was these sites. Judging by the amount of postings in /r/amateurradio versus Eham and QRZ, there is opportunity for growth. We need clueful and friendly OMs and OFs to migrate to Reddit.

  7. K0YQ says:

    eham does have a “user ignore” button to block posts from those you deem unsavories. eham has a very active 14 year old DXer in the DX forum (God help him). I disagree about the high profile /subject matter departure. Lots of examples of those guys still checking in and last two posts I see this AM are LA7GIA and AA6YQ. The problem is really a few trolls that post completely unrelated provocational posts that have nothing to do with the thread. The recent attack on N6PSE is a perfect example. I do like the down vote option to drop those posts/users off the thread and think eham should institute some changes. I still argue eham has some merit and unique value as a site.

  8. Joe says:


    The E-ham DX forum is dominated by a few fake DXers who know everything about DXing and conducting DXpeditions, yet they know nothing. They pontificate endlessly and critique others without regard to facts or reality. Look at the number of posts made by these fakes, that alone speaks for itself.

    As with most Internet forums, these self proclaimed experts compete with one another just like little boys in a pissing contest. They have no clue about the logistical, geopolitical, and technical hoops DX teams jump through to get operating permission and eventually get to an entity.

    They’ve never done it, never will and have a litany of excuses why they can’t. Several of them must always have the last word; every discussion in which they engage turns circular and predictably boring as each expert tries to one up the other expert. As typical, the original subject is lost in the noise and readers tune out leaving only the little boys to piss at one other.

    The E-ham DX forum is an echo chamber, with the little boys echoing their opinions and critiques in order to prove their superiority, or is it their masculinity. What they’ve proved is they don’t know what they’re writing about; they’re just writing senseless nonsense to boost their own ego among the readers. Ironically, you see some of the same “contributors” on numerous other forums, endlessly pontificating about the topic at hand.

    Paul, when these clowns give as much to the worldwide DX community as you have, only then will they have any credibility. Until that time, ignore them, they continue to make fools of themselves.

  9. N0UN says:

    And on this topic we find common ground. They aren’t even worth posting my thoughts, lol.

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