Backup those logs!

Posted: June 16, 2017 in Uncategorized


I am not the QSL Manager for any DXpedition. I don’t keep a copy of our logs as that is the role of the QSL Manager. I am frequently astonished at the number of amateurs that fail to keep a proper backup copy of their logs. I am regularly contacted by amateurs that have suffered some form of data loss and they ask me to provide them with their contacts to a particular DXpedition. Sometimes these contacts were made many years ago. I believe that most QSL Managers have strong ethical objections to providing amateurs with their contact data so that they can then seek a QSL confirmation.

As with most problems in life, data loss is preventable by simply backing up your data. Don’t use a USB thumb drive as a backup as those are plagued by static discharges that can corrupt the data within. Instead, use an optical drive such as a CD/DVD drive or an external USB hard drive or solid state drive to back up your logs. The few minutes you spend today to back up your log will save you hours of grief down the road.

Happy DXing!



  1. WW2DX says:

    Or throw them in your google drive, iCloud drive or free dropbox drive.

  2. k0md says:

    Great reminder to back up the file!

  3. Don says:

    Email them to yourself, Then they are stored in the cloud and available even if the house burns to the ground!

  4. k1mu says:

    Back ’em up! If you’re a Logbook of the World user, you can get some of your QSO info back by downloading from LoTW, but that doesn’t have any real detail – no QSL received info (except for LoTW confirmations), no QSL sent info, no per-QSO notes. LoTW for restoring is at best a last resort. I use dropbox to save my log. It’s free and works with both Windows and Mac.

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