Listen more, Enter the log sooner…

Posted: April 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

At the 2017 IDXC in Visalia, the subject of out of turn calling and bad pileup behavior was discussed among DXers and DXpedition Leaders. Here is an article written by Steve-N6SJ:

When a DXer stands by and listens while the DX operator is completing his QSO with another caller, he will get himself in the log sooner.

The very fastest pileup would be one where no one else calls while the DX is completing his current QSO.  But this is unheard of on the bands today.

These days the normal behavior is for many other DXers to keep calling while the DX operator struggles to complete the current QSO.  Every additional caller simply adds to the QRM and frequently leads to the DX station needing to ask for multiple repeats to clarify a partial call.

Each extra exchange for “fills” or a call correction could have instead been a new QSO with yet another DXer.  But unfortunately that joy is delayed while the DX loses time trying to log a solid QSO through all the QRM.

Any DXer should be able to grasp this simple concept:

Each time you call out of turn, you are delaying your own QSO.

Are you calling out of turn?  Well first, can you actually hear the DX station?  If not, you will only cause QRM by calling.  I have heard many DXers calling at the same time the DX is transmitting.  They obviously are not hearing the DX and will never be in the log.

Do you hear the DX send a report to another call sign that is not yours?  If so, sending your own call will only make it harder for the DX to complete his QSO.  Each additional transmission required to finish the contact keeps you from getting into the log.

Yes, there are times when you may hear the DX send a partial call very similar to your own, followed by a “?” or “again?”, eg., N6S? on cw, or “The N6S, again?” on SSB.  In this case it is likely the DX heard you and needs to confirm your call.  By all means try again.  But when the partial call is nothing like your own, stand by.  Calling in that case is just wishful thinking, and will simply delay your own QSO.

When E30FB was fading fast on 30M CW back a couple of years, I heard the DX operator Dima RA9USU reply with “N6S?” several times.  I kept calling, but also heard fifteen or twenty other stations who kept calling at the same time.  Only one was another N6 prefix, but his suffix was M or K, nothing like S.  The rest of the callers were K7’s, N7’s K6’s, WA6’s, etc.  Dima hung in there through 9 or 10 exchanges before he got my call right and completed our QSO.  After me he worked two more stations and the band closed.  If those other callers had stood by and let me finish my own QSO sooner, Dima could have worked another 6 or 8 of them before the band closed.  They all shot themselves in the foot, and never got in the log.  E30FB was QRT the next day.

If you’re a smart DXer, you’ll stand by while the DX finishes his current QSO.  The very next QSO might be your own!

What do you think?



  1. Wes (VK6WX) says:

    Hear hear!

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