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The Visalia Marriot Hotel and Convention Center.

I’ve just returned from attending the International DX Convention, held at the Visalia Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. This was a great event, very well attended by many DXers from all over the Globe.

Event organizers, John-K6MM, Kevin-K6TD and Rich-KE1B and their many volunteers did a masterful job of organizing this event. I also attended the top-band dinner organized by Steve-WB6RSE and I really enjoyed it as well.

My favorite part of the International DX Convention was seeing many old friends again and meeting new DXers/DXpeditioners that I have admired from afar. One of those was Ken Opskar-LA7GIA who was awarded the Dr. William Howard Myers-W6OL Award for excellence as a CW Operator award by the Northern California DX Club.


Ken-LA7GIA with the NCDXC’s William Howard Myers-W6OL Award for excellence as a CW Operator on a DXpedition.

DXpedition Announcements and Rumors:

Everyone looks forward to the DXpeditions that are announced at IDXC and the many rumors of DXpeditions in the pipelines. While there were no official announcements, there are many DXpeditions under development and multiple teams are forming. Multiple groups have applied for permits to Baker/Howland and Johnston Atolls and they are awaiting permission. Given last years sabotage of P5DX and one DXpeditioner’s propensity to jump in front of other announced/planned DXpeditions, I feel that DXpeditioners are being more guarded about revealing their plans for future DXpeditions. I know of several but I promised not to divulge their plans.

Probably the most surprising news is that the 3Y0Z-Bouvet 2018 team is now looking at chartering a larger ship, complete with a hanger for two helicopters. They are about to travel to South America next week to close the deal on their new ship.

New Products: There were many new products that appeared at IDXC for the first time this year. Probably the most anticipated products were Elecraft’s new KPA1500 solid state amplifier and Flex Radio Systems new Power Genius XL solid state amplifier.

Some of the other new products on display were KF7P’s new “tower crane”, ICOM’s new IC-7851, Connect System’s CS108G SDR transceiver, Expert Electronics new MB1 SDR transceiver, SteppIR Antennas new 6-40 meter Yagi, and lastly, a generic kit-form solid state amplifier. Sadly, ICOM’s new IC-7610 was not yet available for the convention.


The new Elecraft KPA1500 running 1500 watts all day long.


The Expert Electronics MB1 SDR transceiver


The ICOM IC-7851 transceiver


The Flex Radio Power Genius XL solid state amplifier.


Connect Systems CS108G SDR transceiver


KF7P Metal Works “tower crane”.


SteppIR Antennas new 6-40 meter Urban Beam Yagi on a US Towers tower trailer.


The new RF Kits RF-2K+ kit form solid state amp.

You can find out more about the new Elecraft KPA1500 here:

You can find out more about the new Expert MB1 here:

You can find out more about the new ICOM IC-7851 here:

You can find out more about the new Flex Radio Power Genius XL here:

You can learn more about the new Connect Systems CS108G here:

You can learn more about the KF7P Metal Werks Tower Crane here:

You can learn more about SteppIR’s new Urban Beam here:

You can see the new RF Kit RF-2K+ kit solid state amp here:


Other sights at Visalia IDXC 2017

Dave-WD5COV and I enjoy a moment with Oms-PY5EG. Glenn-W0GJ and Bob-K4UEE

give a passionate talk on DXpedition funding. Mike-K6MKF and Frank-N6OI sell raffle tickets.

Chris-KF7P sells his products. The Expert MB1 in action.

Bob W6OPO operates as John K6YP looks on.

Eric WA6HHQ of Elecraft answers questions about the new KPA1500.

John-K6MM, Kevin-K6TD and Rich-KE1B at the Saturday night banquet. There was also dancing and singing.

Chip-K7JA does a masterful job as MC. Bob-K4UEE and myself with the raffle certificate from Flex Radio.

The Bouvet DXpedition Team held a raffle for a Flex Radio 6500 and I was thrilled to have the winning ticket!


Bob-KK6EK gave a passionate talk about the VK0EK DXpedition and his thoughts on “systems theory” and how it ought to be a part of future DXpeditions.


Rusty-W6OAT asks the DX Forum panel a question. Most of the questions concerned deleted entities, LoTW and other ARRL issues.


Craig-K9CT, Bob-K4UEE and Paul-W0AIH enjoy the Top Band dinner.


Rob-N7QT and Gene-K5GS enjoy a moment.

Erling-LA6VM and I enjoy a glass of “Bouvet” Champagne. Bob-GU4YOX gave a comedic talk on “the Funny Side of Radio”.

In closing, the 2017 International DX Convention was an outstanding event. This event gets bigger and more important each year. It is the fulcrum for DXpedition Leaders and avid DXers to meet and to discuss their wants, needs and challenges in one fantastic event. It is also the ideal venue where many vendors and manufacturers choose to showcase their new products each year.

Here is looking forward to IDXC 2018!

What do you think?


  1. HK3W says:

    Excellent Paul and it was a pleasure to meet and share with you.
    Siso HK3W

  2. Hank says:

    Thanks for the great summery report. I was unable to attend so was very appreciated Thank you. If you want to sell the 6500 let me know what you are asking. 73’s HANK W0CZE

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Roger says:


    Thanks for a great report on the Visalia DX convention!

    I still need Johnston and also Baker/Holland as ATNOs. So it comes as good news to me that there is some “behind the scenes” activity brewing to activate these two rare places.

    I wonder if there was any talk or rumors regarding Turkmenistan? I heard through the grapevine that ham radio has become illegal there sometime in the last ten years.

    73 Roger K5RKS

    • N6PSE's Blog says:

      Hello Roger, I have tried to interest my European friends to lead an effort in Turkmenistan but so far there is little interest in working with this country. Time will tell.

  4. Dale BA4TB says:

    Looking great!

    Dale BA4TB

  5. Craig, I love the pictures! See you in Dayton. Mack

  6. K6MKF says:

    Hi Paul,

    Congratulations on being awarded the NCDXC ‘2017 DXer of the Year’ award in recognition of your accomplishing the VP8 DXpedition, and for all that you’ve done over the years to put DX in our logs! This was a very well-deserved award and it put a smile on my face to see you receive it!!

    Congratulations again, my friend!!

    73 de Mike, K6MKF

  7. Wayne N0UN says:

    Was there any news from Dom 3Z9DX Rebel DX Group ?

    Would be very interested is his plans for 3Y0, P5 and T31.

  8. Jim Michener K9JM says:


    Sorry I was unable to attend the 2017 IDXC as I am currently in Germany. Congratulations on the much deserved DXer of the year. Definitely the right choice. Also thanks for your summary, interesting new products shown at the show.
    73 de
    Jim DL/K9JM

  9. Tom Haavisto says:

    In the picture at the Topband Dinner with Craig, K9CT and Bob – K4UEE, the gentleman on the right is Paul – W0AIH. Please update the caption on the photo.

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