New Solid State Amp from Expert-SPE.

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Uncategorized


I am a big fan of solid state amplifiers. I really enjoy my Elecraft KPA500 and my Expert 1.3K-FA solid state amplifiers. They perform extremely well and I don’t miss the three minute warm up time of my former 8877 based amplifier.

This past weekend at the Montichiari (Italy) Ham Fest, SPE Expert Amplifiers revealed a new solid state amplifier in their product offering. It is the Expert 1.5K-FA amplifier. This amplifier comes standard with the built in automatic tuner. It weights just slightly more than the Expert 1.3K-FA amplifier in the same form factor.

This new amplifier uses the latest NXP device MRF 1K50. Power is evenly distributed across the bands, about 1600 W on 1,8MHz and  14MHz, on 6 meters (50MHz) about 1580/1590 W.

According to SPE, the Expert 1.5K-FA will be on display in May at Dayton Hamvention

Photos by IK4UAY.

What do you think?

  1. Looks great to me. I am surprised that there are only three antenna outputs when the SPE1K has four. I had a SPE 1K and it was great. I am sure this one which is lighter and is legal limit capable with the robust LDMOS PA will be spectacular. The SPE 1K was the best amp I ever owned.

    I think it is awesome that these folks keep bringing out amazing products into the market. I am guessing that on 6m for eme JT65A modes from wsjt v9 and v10 people will be able to get more than 1kw continuous without fear of damaging the amplifier.

    I also like that they have moved away from the 25 pin connector that the SPE 1K had. Standard connectors are definitely preferred. I would seriously consider purchasing such an amp in the future especially if it can be used for EME on 6m at above 1Kw for sustained periods of time.

  2. Lou Dietrich says:

    The photo appears to be an ELAD transceiver. ELAD is stamped on the rear panel. Also there are no exhaust fans show which are vital for a solid state amplifier. The details of the innard details of the amp appear directionally correct but the photo doesn’t match up.

    Possibly the source got his photos mixed with an ELAD? No new amp is shown on the SPE website but that could be a matter of timing.

    Regards…Lou N2TU

    • n6pse says:

      Lou, I think you are right. I have deleted the second photo as I think it is another device. My friends in Italy provided me with this info.

    • I thought it was a weird second photo with only three antenna outputs and I saw the elad label but it was pretty late when I wrote my post. Still I am excited to see new products rolling out this particular Italian company. Certainly these amps are among the nicer ones available for our hobby.

  3. I owned a SPE 1K FA and since have owned many amplifiers. It is the best one I have owned for the type of operation I do (ultra casual op chasing DXpeditions, and 6m work). Am looking for next qth and will get another SPE amp. Maybe this time the 1.3. I think even though it has 6m I would like to get a BEKO amp just for 6m.

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