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Posted: March 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’ve been writing my Blog for a few years now. For the most part, it is enjoyable. The areas of interest on my Blog are DXpeditions and my love for adventure travel. The views put forth on my Blog are my opinions and those of the many commenters.

There certainly is no shortage of opinions these days. As a Blogger, we are not held to any kind of journalistic standard as the regular conventional media. I strive to be fair, balanced and accurate in my Blogging. I often write on topics and then share them with trusted/respected peers for their input before posting. Quite often what I post is a softer/nicer version of what I initially had written.

I welcome those that have alternative opinions to post them in my comments section or email me directly. Sometimes the comments are so well communicated and thought out that my own views are changed. For example, I have Blogged several times about Kosovo. Initially, I did not share the view that it should become its own DXCC entity and gain some form of UN admission.  I held this view even after visiting Kosovo.

In response to my Blogging, there were a number of alternative views shared. I read them and digested the thoughts. I found my own view changing on Kosovo based on other opinions that were shared with me.

As a Blogger, I believe we have some responsibility to “get it right” and represent facts and events honestly, even if our friends disagree.

I follow several other amateur radio blogs. My favorite is the Station Building Blog by Fred AB1OC. Fred shares his vast technical knowledge and love of amateur radio is a very nice, friendly style.

In this day and age of “fake news” I feel that amateur radio Bloggers such as myself ought to try their best to present a positive picture of our hobby and Blog with integrity as much as possible. We may share our opinions on our Blogs but it is important to state just that “these are my opinions”

What do you think?


  1. Ray W2RE says:


    Unfortunately, its the society we live in today. Taking things out of context to fit a narrative seems to be normal. Just ignore and hit the delete button.

  2. Robert, WD8NVN says:

    1. Paul, I enjoy your blog topics and read them every time.

    2. Amateur radio, to me, is an optional activity.

    3. I have learned early on about ham radio social media, the stuff for the most part, on the E-Ham forums and the forums and others, seem, at-the-end-of-the-day, just a waste of time to follow and participate..I stay away from all interactive forums; since most of the strings of interactive conversations and responses usually turn on some tangent (off topic ) and the following responses become “silly sessions”…..

    4. People spend and waste too much time sitting in front a computer talking about ham radio..
    How about some more DXpeditions..??

  3. Lou Dietrich says:

    Honestly Paul my feeling is that some spend way too much time blogging and in this case, dueling blogs! Blogs are instruments to state your opinion, feelings, experiences, etc. Trying to prove another blogger has twisted your intent and further, trying to gain support for your original intent, is rather counterproductive and useless. A more positive approach would be continue stating your views the way you see them. If others disagree, so be it but to continue to illustrate how other’s opinions differ from yours does little to make your point.


  4. Paul, I agree with your new version of this post, and commend you for updating it. Whilst the original had nothing to do with me, I do hope you continue to post positive articles on your blog.

    If you ever personally disagree with something I have said, I would welcome an email; I would be mortified to know you had taken personal offence to anything I had written, especially if it was posted publicly.

  5. n1fdadmin says:

    Hello Paul, thank you for the kind comments about our blog in your post. Amateur Radio is a perfect gateway to many life skills and careers. By promoting it via the internet, we can share this opportunity with others. The Internet and associated media like blogging, Facebook, Twitter and social media are especially important if we are to reach younger people.

    Anita and I see our time spent sharing and promoting Amateur Radio on our Blog and social media as important work that we can do to give back to a hobby which has given us so much and has enriched our lives. We very much appreciate the work that you are doing here to do this and more.

    All the Best and 73,

    Fred, AB1OC

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