The future of Amateur Radio…

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I recently got a glimpse of the future of Amateur Radio and I really liked what I saw.

Last year, at the Dayton Hamvention, I bought a raffle ticket to win an Alinco HF radio from the Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure folks. As unlucky as I usually am, I won the Alinco HF radio. I decided to donate the radio back to them so that they could in turn donate it to one of the youth participants in their program.

I was delighted that they asked me to be part of the group reviewing and evaluating the various essays submitted by the fifteen youth entrants to the contest to win an entire station, HF rig, power supply, coax and antenna.

The essay contest was open to all licensed youth up to age 18. The quality of the essays and the level of thought was surprisingly much better than I would have expected. The essays detailed the author’s entry into amateur radio and their goals and dreams for the future. The selection was very difficult. I wish that there were fifteen HF radios to donate as all of the submissions were quite worthy.

The winner of this year’s essay contest is Bryant Rascoll-KG5HVO of New Orleans, LA.

The Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure organization is led by Jim Storms-AB8YK, Don Dubon-N6JRL, Tod Dubon-KD4YHY, Keko Diaz-TI5KD, George Nicholson-N4GRN, Wes Lamboley-W3WL and Ron Doyle-N8VAR. DXpedition hosts have included Jeff Jolie-NM1Y and Byron Swainey TI5/WA8NJR.

The Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure is an organization that sends young hams age 12-17 with a parent on a DXpedition during the summer to operate as DX. The organization is named in remembrance of Dave Kalter-KB8OCP who passed away in November, 2013.

What a great program as a means of exposing our youth to amateur radio and to bolster the future of our great hobby.

You can learn more about the Dave Kalter Youth Adventure at:

What do you think?


Paul N6PSE



  1. Ray W2RE says:

    Awesome! This is what its all about! 🙂

  2. WW2DX says:

    I would like to see the remainder 14 applicants apply for our youth program.

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