If you have P5, take a QRX…

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Uncategorized


3Z9DX, Dom has announced that he will soon return to the DPRK and operate for five days, SSB on one band. That is wonderful news, particularly for all those amateurs still seeking their first P5 contact. I am particularly glad to hear this news as my own “P5 folly” is now over.

I was fortunate to work P5/3Z9DX last December when Dom first came up on 15 meters SSB. I saw him spotted on the DX Cluster and tuned over and sure enough, there he was. He was simplex and I was competing with many “big gun” West Coast stations. It was frustrating to me that many guys in that pileup were “Top of the Honor Roll” members and did not need a P5 contact for their very first time. They were either seeking their annual CQ Marathon point, or as many DXers do, just flexing their muscles and showing what they could accomplish behind the microphone. I feel bad for any operator in that pileup that did not get through because some guy just wanted another P5 contact to add to his collection. There are some aspects of this hobby that I don’t like and the “piggish” nature of some is one of those aspects.

I would like to suggest that when P5/3Z9DX comes up on the air in the near future, those of us that now have P5 confirmed ought to QRX and give other guys a chance. This would be a noble gesture and more kindness is sorely needed in this hobby. I for one will not be calling P5/3Z9DX. I am making my station available to any W6 hams that want to come over and give him a call and I encourage others to do the same.

What do you think?

  1. Alan B. Childs (K6IPM) says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Paul on this one. P5 is one of the most needed entities. Since the operator is limited to 5 days, it would be nice if only ATNO’s can work it. I was fortunate to work P5 several years ago when I thought the operator was in Georgia (country). My friend Mike, K6MKF contacted me and said “do you know who you just worked”. It turned out to be P5 and I was and am so ever gratetful. So if you don’t need P5 as ATNO, please leave it for those have been less fortunate. Thanks. Alan, K6IPM

  2. Gary says:

    Agreed.. I have enjoyed listening to the happy new ones who get thru to him. However, if anyone who goes there re-discovers CW, lookout! GRIN. That would be my last on CW. I’m not one of the West Coast high-power stations, never had more than a tribander @ 30ft and wire slopers 80/40 since 1991.. the tribander is sitting down along by the backyard fence along with the Rohn 25. So, all I have left is the ALS800 and the 43′ DX Engineering vert. So, if I live long enough, maybe I’ll make it on CW (if I can beat the spots on the the cluster HI) 73/DX Gary K7ZD

  3. Dave says:

    Agree 100%. Tired of trying to work rare DX and a 1001 people want are trying to work the station just to fill their “band slots” One contact is enough. I will be keeping an ear open when goes QRV.

  4. Ken says:

    Paul, in a way I do understand what you mean – on the other hand I think many DXers want to work that rare DX in competition with others. We think it is fun to hunt and work DX. I have never been found of scheds to get a new DXCC – it is like kinda cheating. The same I would say about using others station. If you can’t work them in the pile-up with your own station – what is the point then? With respect to P5 – I think if he is allowed to work split, that will give all of us a fair chance contrary to working simplex where more power and bigger antennas is better. I need P5 for sure as an ATNO – but I want to work him in a big pile up – and deserve the contact. And I am not a big gun myself – I have 800W and a 3 el beam on 10-15-20m. Anyway, I look forward to this activation 🙂

  5. Robert H.Pusch, WD8NVN says:

    I agree 100% with Paul and Alan on the P5 activation !! There is a time and place to work as many all band-slots, such as, a two-and-a-half week dxpedition with 12 operators. I only have one QSO with Mount Athos (SV/A). Out of respect for others and Monk Apollo, I will not attempt a second QSO. As I see it, the DX Marathon is a huge “negative” ( to say the least politely ) to the world of DX…. Oh, yes, I have my 3 element SteppIR pointed to P5 as I write this.

  6. Fleurivan Jacobus says:

    I think that´s a good idea, but I also think it will not work, unfortunatelly….

  7. Warren NW4C says:

    Paul, I think your proposal is a fine gesture and reflects the true spirit of Ham Radio DXing. I hope others who were as fortunate as you during the all-too-brief P5 appearance last December will follow your lead. 73 es DX, Warren NW4C

  8. Roger AC6BW says:

    I think this is a very good idea. Dom should limit all QSOs to ATNO, only. Additionally, he should cross reference the log from his previous P5 operation, and if it is a dupe, the QSO does not get logged. I agree with Robert that the DX Marathon has been a huge negative to the DXng community. I am now hearing large pileups on stations that used to be considered common DX, such as CE Chile. This is just insane! I am a little pistol running 500W to a 2 element yagi on a city lot. Needless to say, I need P5 as an ATNO, so I’ll be calling. Let’s hope those that have worked P5 will QRX, but I have a feeling that may not happen….

  9. Wes N7WS says:

    If you’re going to make your station available for other ops why not just work the P5 for them and save them the trouble of coming over? How can someone else use your station, licensed as N6PSE to make contacts using another call? I know of people on the “honor roll” who have gotten there this way, but it isn’t right. I had a big time DX local (now SK) call me on the telephone once to tell me that “I” had worked some expedition to west Africa. He worked them using my call and assumed that he was doing me a favor, for which I would be grateful. I let him know that if it happened again, the FCC would hear about it. Whether or not I chase the next P5 remains to be seen; I’m a DXer, so I chase DX. If he’s on 20 SSB, then I’ll pass; otherwise, who knows. BTW, I’m far from a big gun (see my QRZ bio)

    ps. Paul, I’ve worked you on many expeditions and contributed to some of them, so this is not personal. I simply have a different point of view.

    • n6pse says:

      Wes, haven’t you ever had a group of Scouts or young people over to your shack to introduce them to this great hobby? Have you let them have the thrill of making a contact with your call?

      I live in Silicon Valley where the young and bright Engineers are priced out of the local real estate market. This leaves them to go without ham radio, stick to the many VHF/UHF repeaters, or they can use remotes or guys like me can share their shack. What a better way to keep our hobby alive for future generations by sharing our station’s abilities with those less fortunate. We have to promote this hobby or it’s going to die.

      Best wishes,

      Paul N6PSE

      • Wes N7WS says:

        Paul, as I said before, we have differing points of view. If you have 10 different ops over is N6PSE going to work P5 ten times? We both know this is not your intent, in fact it conflicts with your original premise that stations that have P5 should refrain for working it again.

        So let me put it another way. I need Mt Athos and from the depths of southern AZ, with my modest station and the next sunspot peak possibly after my lifetime, I will likely never work it. (IMHO, it shouldn’t be an entity, but that’s another story). So, if I were to go to Newington and operate from W1AW (again) and I can hear and work SV/A from there, is it cricket to use my callsign and take credit for the QSO? My ethics say, no.

    • Mike K9NW says:

      There hasn’t been a “station” license in decades. Licenses are “operator” licenses. Operators are free to use their call from any US location.

      • Wes N7WS says:

        §97.5 Station license required.

        (a) The station apparatus must be under the physical control of a person named in an amateur station license grant on the ULS consolidated license database or a person authorized for alien reciprocal operation by §97.107 of this part, before the station may transmit on any amateur service frequency from any place that is:…..

        (1) An operator/primary station license grant. One, but only one, operator/primary station license grant may be held by any one person. The primary station license is granted together with the amateur operator license. Except for a representative of a foreign government, any person who qualifies by examination is eligible to apply for an operator/primary station license grant.

  10. Ray says:

    Here in Green Valley (AZ) we have a lot of hams (fortunately not including me) who live in HOAs where they cannot have efficient antennas. So, they use our club station or a remote of some sort. As long as legalities and DXCC rules are observed, I see no difference between that and what Paul is talking about.

    73 Ray W2RS

    • Wes N7WS says:

      Ray, From: http://wireless.fcc.gov/services/index.htm?job=licensing_1&id=amateur

      “Club Stations

      A club station license allows members of an amateur radio club to have a station operating under a club call sign. The license is granted only to the trustee of the club. It conveys no operating privileges.
      To be granted a club station license, a club must have:

      A name
      A document of organization
      A primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with the FCC Rules
      At least four persons
      A license trustee designated by an officer of the club
      Trustee must hold an amateur service operator license grant. (See Section 97.5(b)(2) of the FCC Rules)”

      Note the phrase, “operating under the club call sign”.

  11. Scotty Meyer KG9Z says:

    How cool if every one gets a shot. However you are right on the money. The big guns need to prove they are still the big guns. Hope for the best. At least Dom gives us a chance….however small it maybe.

  12. Ray says:


    The club station license ALLOWS members to operate their club station under the club call sign. It doesn’t require it. If the trustee permits, any licensed amateur may use his own call sign while acting as control operator, within the privileges of his own license. In such a case, both the trustee and the control operator are responsible for the station’s proper operation.

    On a related subject, the DXCC rule requiring all contacts to have been made within a 150-mile radius was changed in 1977 to the present rule, which allows all contacts to have been made from the same DXCC entity. I’m rather happy about that, having lived in seven CONUS call areas.

    73 Ray

  13. Wes N7WS says:

    I’ll say 73 and wish everyone the best of luck in working P5 by whatever means your personal ethics allow.

    Thanks Paul, for the use of your forum.

  14. Ray says:

    FYI, I asked ARRL. Their reply:

    Nothing in the FCC rules says a station (either individual or club) can only be operated in such a matter. It is perfectly permissible for me to allow someone else to use my station equipment and use their own callsign. Afterall, the FCC is going to deal with the licensee/trustee of the callsign making transmissions, not who physically owns the equipment. In fact, you do not have to be licensed to own an amateur radio station – you must, however, be licensed to use one.


    Dan Henderson, N1ND

    Assistant Secretary – American Radio Relay League, Inc.

    Regulatory Information Manager

    ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio


    From: rsoifer1@aol.com [mailto:rsoifer1@aol.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 12:26 PM
    To: Henderson, Dan N1ND
    Subject: Club stations

    • Wes N7WS says:

      pps. So I CAN go to Newington, and operate W1AW under my own call to work SV/A. I’ll start packing my bags.

      • Steven Rapata/ AC6DX says:

        Wes you sure can as N7WS/1 that makes you portable In a state in which you would start a new dxcc record in your case you would get credit for One dxcc and start fresh from there,
        The ARRL says for DXCC Credit you must be within 30 miles radius of your Home Station,
        Paul was referring to local hams near him.
        as for myself I need P5, I will be operating from home, and it is disheartening to hear someone make a contact with a rare one and then say it’s been awhile since I made a contact with your country and then to add insult to it all they want an audience for a few minutes to let em know all about it.
        take care de AC6DX Steven

      • Wes N7WS says:

        Steven, For a guy with “DX” in his call, you really brush up on the rules


        9. Station Location and Boundary:

        a) All stations used to make contacts for a specific DXCC award must be located within the same DXCC entity.

        BTW, I’ve operated from W1AW. I signed, “W1AW.”

  15. Ray says:

    Like Wes, I don’t need P5. Good luck to all who do. I won’t be calling.

    73 Ray W2RS

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