My 2016 Hamvention Report…

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A new seven-band Radio Wavz antenna rises above the Hara Arena in Dayton. It is just one of many new products on display this year. You can click on any photograph to enlarge it.


The 2016 Hamvention was very well attended. Big crowds, new products and interesting forums/presentations were all a part of the big show.


US Towers has a new line of aluminum crank-up towers. These could come in handy.

Just some of the interesting sights in the huge flea market area.


Elecraft was very busy taking orders for their new KX2 80-10 meter SSB/CW/Data radio that fits in your pocket!


There were many new solid-state amplifier offerings this year. This is the HF-2000 from Its 1500 watts 1.8 to 50 MHz


I enjoyed meeting Kan-JA1BK at the JARL area.


Gianfranco-I0ZY demonstrates Expert Amplifiers new antenna switch.

“Booth Babes” were more evident this year. Some were doing very nice magic tricks!

More sights of inside the sales area.


Yaesu showed their new FT-891 6m-160 meter HF rig.

Flex Radio was demonstrating all of their products including their new Maestro controller.


Faith Hannah-AE4FH is a real CW whiz and received a very nice CW Key as a gift.

Force-12 Antennas/403A Products were demonstrating their latest technology. These guys are doing some amazing things!


Palstar has a new solid-state 160-6M 1000 watt amplifier.

Luso has a new digital controller for their massive tower rotator.


Hamplus digital antenna switches are taking the contest world by storm. K9CT has implemented them at his mega-contest station. This gear is produced in Brazil.


RM Italy is producing a new BLA600 500 watt 6M & HF amplifier.

Array Solutions showcasing the new OM 2000A and OM 1002+ amplifiers.

DX Engineering showcases the new line of ACOM Amplifiers including the revised Acom 1010, the revised 2000A, the new Acom A2100 and the revised Acom 1500.


DX Engineering had a fantastic display of products.


The SWODXA DX Dinner was very well attended.


Nigel Jolly and his legendary Braveheart Crews were inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame for their many years of enabling the most difficult DXpeditions to take place all over the globe.

The Intrepid-DX Group’s VP8STI/VP8SGI Team was honored with the DXpedition of the Year award. The plaque will go home with Nigel and be placed in the ship’s library with their many other awards.


Clive Penna-GM3POI travelled all the way from Scotland to present the VP8STI/VP8SGI Team with the GMDX Group’s DXpedition of the Year Award.

More sights from the vast flea market area.


Not everything was ham radio. There was an interesting robot demonstration area.


Really nice old microphones for sale.


These kids really enjoyed the ARRL Youth Forum activities.


I won an Alinco HF transceiver as a raffle prize for the Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure. I will donate this radio to a youth to be selected by the Intrepid-DX Group in the near future.


New ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher-NY2RF gives an interesting talk in the ARRL Forum.


New ARRL President, Rick Roderick-K5UR presents Antonio Gonzalez-EA5RM with the 2015 ARRL Humanitarian of the Year Award. It is truly deserved for all that he has done.


VP8STI/VP8SGI Co-Leader, David Collingham-K3LP gives an interesting and entertaining talk on the South Sandwich and South Georgia DXpeditions.


The DX Forum was standing room only for the VP8, K5P,TX3X and VK0EK presentations.


Lou-N2TU and Craig-K9CT give the K5P Palmyra DXpedition presentation.


Gene-K5GS gives a presentation on the TX3X Chesterfields Island DXpedition.


Bob-KK6EK and David-K3EL give a talk on the recent VK0EK Heard Island DXpedition.

The Saturday night Contest Dinner was also a full house. Tim Duffy-K3LR and his team do an amazing job organizing and orchestrating this great event each year. John Crovelli-W2GD gave an emotional talk about his legacy of contesting and his on-going battle with Cancer. God Speed John!  Miguel-PY3MM enjoys catching up with 3D2C teammate Craig-K9CT at the Contest Dinner.

Gerald Youngblood-K5SDR, President & CEO of Flex Radio Systems demonstrates their Flex Maestro and the new 4O3A solid state amplifier at the post Contest Dinner super-suite.

On Saturday night, following the Contest Dinner, many gather for the Contest Super Suite sponsored by DX Engineering. Everyone enjoys the cold drinks, “fire water” and the great pizza and stories!

Hamvention 2016 was a really fun event. Yes the Hara Arena is old and crumbling and there is a lot of speculation about its future. The important thing to remember is that the great folks at DARA work very hard all year to ensure this events success and we should all hope for more great events from them.

What do you think?

Paul N6PSE






  1. ky6r says:

    Big congrats on DXped of the year – well earned. Also is very nice to see Team Braveheart and Nigel / Matt winning the CQ Hall of Fame award. I have a lot of back stories about shopping for boats, and Nigel / Matt and their Crew, and the VK0EK Team was glowing with praise for how critically important they were. The landing on South Thule is a serious classic!

    Best news out of Dayton for me.

  2. aj8b says:

    Congrats on all! Great pics – would have been a complete photo shoot if you had a pic of the dashing & funny DXDinner emcee….Maybe next year…

  3. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    Nice photos Paul.
    Thanks for the reports on some events I did not attend.
    The Dayton Hamvention showcases excellence in Amateur Radio achievement and showcases excellence in Amateur Radio citizenship…
    Hams are fortunate to have a great event for three days !

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