Thank you!

Posted: April 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

I would like to thank each of these individual people who when they read about the cost to ship equipment to Beijing in my P5DX Story, they wrote and asked how they could donate to help the P5 Project recover. We are extremely grateful for your generosity.

If you would like to contribute, here is how you can donate to our mission:

Thank you!

Paul N6PSE

Our donors include:

$100 K6UM Steve Lund                    70 Euros  DH3MIT Michael Blaschke
$25 SM3VAC Magnus Lindholm    $50 K6DSW Donald Wilson
$100 K5OA  Russ Guidry                  $50 WW6G Sheryl Harkleroad
$50  EA8JF Tomas Borges Garcia   $100 I2YSB/Silvano Borsa & the Italian DXpedition Team.
$50 F6GNZ Radivoj KAR                    $10 KG9Z Scott Meyer
$50 Gert van Loo  PA2LO                   $20 W7SW Scotty Rathjen
$20 KF7CSO Eric Pederson                $50 N6HE Ray Day
$100 HK3W Siso Hennessey              $20 LA8HGA Jon Lervik
$25 W4DN David Novoa                      $50 LA7GIA Kenneth Opskar
$25 KK4OK/KK4OW Paula & Fred Marsh  $50 LA8AW Odd-Egil Heradstveit
$25 VE3NI Daniel Goodier                      $50 G0VXE David Herbert-Moment
$30 IZ3EAX Richard Pordan                  15 Euro  IK0PUL Andrea Falgiani
$100 K0YQ John Grimm                          $30 EU1KY Yury Kuchara
$15 G6VMR Martin Adams                     $100 WB5JID Bob Hambright
$100 N8WAV John Swift                         $25 W1TC Thomas Chase
$100 DL4LAM Peter Maennel               $10 NO7T Thomas Rice
$100 N7NR David Heumann                 $50 W4DAO Doug Outlaw
$150 W2LO Michael Mattes                   $20 KH6DC Delwyn Ching
$100 K6QU Jerry Lewine                         $500 Anonymous EU donor.
$20 DK3WE Pit Schmidt
My heartfelt thank you!

Paul N6PSE


  1. Radi says:

    Tried to donate via PayPal and to the indicated email but it did not work as this email address was not recognized by PayPal. But succeeded to donate 50 USD using your link:” .
    Si, please change email info for donations as it may happen to others too.
    73, Radi F6GNZ

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