FT4JA – simply spectacular!

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Uncategorized


The FT4JA Juan de Nova Dxpedition has just concluded. This operation was organized by Seb-F5UFX and many members of his FT4TA Tromelin Team.

To sum up their FT4JA performance from my West Coast perspective: Simply Spectacular!

These guys came up on the bands with booming signals, fast rates and extremely good operators. I was pleasantly shocked during their first hours of operation; I was sitting at home listening to them when suddenly they began asking for the West Coast within their very first hours. Wow! That was a nice surprise. These guys really understand propagation and they know how to work the most difficult to reach areas.

This team wowed us with FT4TA and their performance as FT4JA has been just as spectacular. I really respect and admire this team for the way that they organize, conduct their fundraising and their incredibly effective operations. They operated in a logical and predictable style using propagation to its fullest. They were fun to work and I enjoyed getting them in my log. An extremely well done operation from Seb and his team!

What do you think?


  1. Gary K9GS says:

    Seb and his team did a fantastic job on Juan de Nova, mirroring what they did on Tromelin. I’ll cross my fingers for Glorioso πŸ™‚


  2. Roger AC6BW says:

    The FT4JA team did an excellent job. Agreed that they keenly were aware of the prop challenges to W6 land, and they worked the openings appropriately. And they did a great job at copying our calls, in spite of the excessive DQRM and out-of-turn callers. I wouldn’t say they were very strong, at least at my little-to-medium pistol station. It’s a very difficult path, but I look at it as a challenge, and I enjoy pushing the capabilities of my own station and honing my operating skills. This enhances the thrill when I finally put them in the log on the last day that they were QRV. I’m grateful for the ATNO on 2 modes and 2 bands. This will definitely be one to remember, and I am very grateful for that.
    73 de Roger- AC6BW

  3. Frank says:

    Couldn’t agree more Paul. First class OPS and great signal. Seb is young guy so let’s hope he makes some more trips and shares his findings and tricks with the ham community.

    Frank ON7RU

  4. Mike K9NW says:

    I had JdN on 10CW from 1980. In just a little over 24 hours I had SSB, RTTY and the other 8 bands from FT4JA! Can’t ask for much more than that…they covered all the bands/modes and they worked ’em fast.

    • Mike W2LO says:

      What a great operation! They were always on multiple bands and modes and the operators kept up an excellent QSO rate.

      I appreciate the operators’ personal sacrifice in going to this remote island to bring a rare entity to the DX world. TU!

  5. Gary says:

    Paul – spot on! Excellent job by these fellas.. And thanks again for the VP8’s!! 73 Gary K7ZD

  6. Roger says:

    The Juan de Nova operation was excellent. I don’t have the best antenna systems here but still I was able to work them on a couple of bands/modes for ATNO. With the recent deletion of Kingman now I’m only one away from Honor Roll.

    73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City

  7. They did an absolutely great job. A pleasure to work them and even fun to just listen to them working down the pileups!

  8. I concur; excellent job. My *only* complaint about their operation was in regards to low bands. They quit both 80 and 160 too early; essentially at their local dawn. They did not factor in the strong post-dawn enhancement that usually bring signals way up for about 15-20 minutes on 160 and about 30-45 minutes on 80. I think I’d have made it in the log on 160 if they’d done that, and gotten in on 80 far easier than I did. Mutual darkness works, but dark on my end and just after dawn at the DX location (vice-versa for stations in the Pacific) has gotten me an awful lot of good catches.

  9. Ua4pcm says:

    100% agree

  10. paul says:

    Aves or Crozet on anyone’s radar as coming up?? Giving up on 3Y0/b/p This was a fantastic operation- worked several bands in poor to mostly poor, to poor to mostly awful conditions- Live long and prosper 30MMM!!!

  11. Robert H Pusch, WD8NVN says:

    They did great. I got an ATNO, they generated good numbers. Where are they going next ?

  12. Wes (VK6WX) says:

    Didn’t get them. Weak signals most of the time. When strong were working Europe or North America. Very little opportunity to work them.

  13. Bernard says:

    Great job the team did. Even with the propagation poor, they managed to get over 100k Qso’s. Made many happy, as as myself, with a new DXCC. In the start it looked impossible, but managed to work them on 5 slots.

  14. Ed Muns says:

    Absolutely agree. From all perspectives, the team did a fantastic job. 45% each CW and SSB contacts. 10% RTTY. Great balance across world regions. Clearly understood the differences between east coast and west coast NA. Excellent operating skill across all modes. Handled DQRM perfectly. Good distribution of QSOs across bands. Impressive QSO and Uniques totals.

  15. Harry, KH6CW says:

    My first Q with them was in a 30m EU pileup. I could not have been more than S-1 but somehow was picked out. Being in OC, I mostly had to choose between AS and EU pileups, and my weak signal notwithstanding, managed to make a number of Q’s. This ability to pick a weak signal out of a S-9 plus pileup is one clear indication of just how great these operators are!

  16. Victor Goncharsky US5WE says:

    This is no doubt the best DXpedition of the year.

  17. Vince K4JC says:

    I had the great pleasure of sharing a table with many of these gentlemen at last year’s Dayton DX Dinner. Even though they spoke little conversational English, and I speak virtually no French, we managed to have a terrific conversation and I enjoyed every minute of it. Their DXpeditions are run the same way, they want to make sure everyone has a good time. Bravo Seb and company!

  18. Rick VE7TK says:

    WOW! These guys amazed me on Tromelin and they outdid that this year on Juan de Nova. Like Paul has said, they really knew the propagation and I was shocked when they asked for the west coast early in their operations. This, like Tromelin, was an ANTO for me and I was fortunate to get them on 3 bands and on 3 modes! What’s next for Seb and the gang … Glorioso perhaps?

  19. Jim Brown says:

    Yes, an excellent operation. Worked them on six bands, all three modes at least once. My QSLs were on LOTW soon after the expedition. Many thanks

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