What a crazy Ham Radio week!

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Uncategorized


Wow, this has been a crazy Ham Radio week for me. First off, I worked VK0EK for an all time new one. That put me at 330 confirmed DXCC entities. I was hoping to work FT4JA for #331 which would place me on the Honor Roll of DXCC.

Then, the ARRL announced that Kingman Reef was a deleted entity! That action reduced the number of entities by one, making 330 the new entry point for Honor Roll. But before I could start any paper work, I worked FT4JA today for another all-time new one, putting me at 331 confirmed entities.

But to top all of that off, today the DXCC desk announced that P5/3Z9DX would count for DXCC!  I have a very beautiful QSL card here in front of me confirming my 15 meter SSB contact. This news puts me at 332 confirmed DXCC entities!

Oh what a week this has been!

What do you think?

  1. Gary K7ZD says:

    N6PSE – Congrats!! Welcome to “the club!!” I was so blessed to make top of the honor roll (MIXED) in 2007, still hope for P5 ON CW, BUT NOT HOLDING MY BREATH (Besides I get dizzy HI) I think the BY guys would have a fair shot of activating P5 in a big way.. anyway, lil’ guns a small piece of advice.. 1) Become a student of propagation 2) Don’t ever ever ever GIVE UP! 3) I did it with a tribander @ 30 ft’ and for the past 3 yrs only have a 43′ vert on the chainlink fence. I ain’t braggin’ – a lot of fellas have done more with a lot less than me.. tnx for both VP8’s! 73, Gary K7ZD

  2. Mike KJ4Z says:

    Congrats, Paul. It’s a huge relief not to need FT/J, let me tell you… Although I hope to snag a Q or two later on.

    • n6pse says:

      Hi Mike, I was lucky, I got them early on and with not too much fuss. I would hate to have to wait until the weekend. Propagation is being much kinder to FT4JA than it is to VK0EK. Their signals are pretty good in Calif at times. Good luck and best wishes!

  3. Warren Croke says:

    It sounds like you are living a dream, Paul! Congratulations on both your ATNOs and making the honor roll. VK0EK would make HR for me, too, but propagation has been extremely poor here in the deep southeast. All we can do is listen and wait…and hope .

  4. Roger says:


    Congratulations on making it to the Honor Roll. I recall that you were one of only about 30 hams in the USA to work the recent P5 operation.

    If I work FT4JA and then the Iran DXpedition coming up in a few weeks then that would put me on the Honor Roll. Having Kingman deleted gave me a boost on getting to the bottom of the Honor Roll since I had not worked it.

    I got into ham radio as a novice back in 1958 with the call WV6DCF. But I have only been a DXer since my retirement from Silicon Valley in 2005. I figured I needed a goal to keep me going during retirement so I turned in all the DX QSLs I had as of 2005 and with 105 countries I started out with the “entry level” DXCC.

    In my case, it looks like it is going to take about 16 years to make it to the Honor Roll. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to the #1 status or not. I guess it depends upon if or when P5 and EZ are activated.

    The recent VP8 operations were FB. South Sandwich VP8STI portion of that DXpedition was an ATNO for me!! The Intrepid Group is doing FB work activating all of those rare places. THANKS!

    73 Roger K5RKS

  5. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    Congratulation Paul on Honor Roll !! What a great amateur radio achievement.

    • n6pse says:

      Hi Robert, I have not really aspired to attain HR until lately. I just enjoy working DX. I still have basic DXCC at ARRL and have never updated it. Guess I better get busy and apply for HR.

  6. ky6r says:


  7. Laurie Margolis says:

    I wrote this on the CDXC website a couple of days ago. Great minds … !
    73 Laurie G3UML

    This has been one of the most dramatic weeks in the world of DX

    First, a deletion — a pretty unusual event these days, for whatever reason — Kingman Reef disappearing because it’s vanishing, or a decision they should have made 15 years ago but didn’t. Let’s park that one.

    Then TWO top ten countries on the air simultaneously — indeed within three kHz of each other on 80 metres last night. And that happy state of affairs continues for well over a week. As a side issue direct comparisons between FT4JA and VK0EK are unfair — the FT is much closer to us, and much further north.

    And then the recent North Korea operation given the green light by DXCC. Er, wow. All I can say is that he must have come up with far more persuasive evidence than has been made public so far (those rather anodyne pictures). I wonder if that EI, one of only five Europeans who made it, will have his contact credited.

    And so this week, there may be a few people around who have gone from needing four to finish DXCC to needing none — P5/3Z9DX allowed, FT/J and VK0H for new ones, and KH5K vanishing into the Pacific mist.

    Wonder if that’s ever happened before?

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