Thank you! VP8 donors & sponsors!

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Uncategorized


Organizing a major Dxpedition these days has many challenges. There is never enough time or money to do things as you really wish. That is why donors and sponsors are so vital to the success of an important Dxpedition.
The Northern California DX Foundation provides what I call “cornerstone” funding. Without their support you just cannot get the fundraising inertia going to carry out a major Dxpedition. The board members of the NCDXF understand the challenges and when they bless your plans it can be a significant “shot in the arm” which promotes your success. The same applies to INDEXA whose support is critical to the success of a Dxpedition.
Equipment suppliers such as DX Engineering, Elecraft, Force 12 Antennas, 403A products, Array Solutions, Radio sport Headsets and many others vastly save the Dxpedition time and money as they loan the needed equipment to the Dxpedition. If all of this equipment has to be purchased in advance or brought from home, the chances for success of the Dxpedition would be diminished.
Many DX Clubs and Associations support not only the NCDXF but they also support the various Dxpeditions that are needed by their members. This is a wise strategy to help ensure that the activations needed by the membership get the club support that they need. Sadly, there is a trend on the West Coast that more and more Clubs are not making direct donations to Dxpeditions. This makes it more difficult for those Dxpeditions that the club members need to go forward with sufficient funding.
DX Club and Association support to Dxpeditions is that vital. I want to thank the Northern California DX Club, the great folks at SWODXA, The Delta DX Association, The Southeastern DX Club, the Twin Cities DX Association, The Lone Star DX Association, The Western Washington DX Club, the Willamette Valley DX Club, the Northern Ohio DX Association and many other clubs and associations for their financial and moral support. We could not do this without you!
Lastly, our individual donors are simply astounding. Whenever we put out a plea for financial help, there is a core group of people “the big guns” of fundraising that always come through and help us reach our goal. These people are simply beyond generous and we appreciate them dearly.
The future of Dxpeditioning is bright but significant challenges remain. It is getting more and more difficult to gain permission in certain protected places. The cost of charter vessel transportation is escalating rapidly. We all need to work together to overcome these challenges. Together, we can accomplish anything!
Best wishes,
Paul N6PSE



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