What a show! 3XY1T

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Uncategorized


The 3XY1T DXpedition to Guinea by the Italian DXpedition Team (IDT) has just concluded. As usual, Silvano-I2YSB and his team have done a fantastic job!

This team really knows how to conduct a fly-in DXpedition with style and finesse. They manage their operations in such a way that it is truly enjoyable to find and work them. Their signals are always good and their operators are highly competent. They chose their bands well and they follow the propagation ensuring that everyone has a good chance to work them. On top of that, they really know where the US West Coast is!

The IDT team is one of my favorite DXpedition groups. I cannot say enough good things about them. We should all do more to support them and encourage them to make more great activations. My hat is off to the Italian DXpedition Team!

What do you think?

  1. Bill says:

    I totally agree with you Paul. I’ve complemented Silvano by telling him he’s like a machine as he works through the pileup. I ended working 3XY1T for a full sweep on 100 Watts and they always worked my weak signal and not just the higher powered stations. Kudo’s to the team and I look forward to the next IDT DXpediton

  2. Adrian KO8SCA says:

    I am impressed as well by the 3XY1T operation. I was able to work them easily on 9 bands including 160M. They already confirmed the QSOs via LoTW. The fact that one can see the QSOs in almost real time is truly amazing. A really top of the line DXpedition and operators!

  3. Bill N6RV says:

    I too agree! The IDT have had many very successful DXpeditions. Their on-line log and OQRS is great! My wife and I both worked them from my truck on the way to Arizona. That says something about their antennas and operators… amazing! This group has greatly added to the fun of DXing!

  4. Spectacular operators in a spectacular operation!

  5. Great operation; I easily worked 9 bands and 3 modes (160m was easy and a new bandfill for me). Their communication with The Deserving was top-notch and their operators well skilled. Silvano’s team is a DXing force to be reckoned with.

  6. Paul says:

    This team has given me more new band slots than any other over the last 10 years or so.
    They are much loved here in VKZL as they do actually make a concerted effort to work us (and generally succeed)
    I worked 3xy1t on 8 bands – compare this to 7p8c where I logged no qsos at all (path to 3x is tougher than 7p)
    The Italian guys also embrace new technology – not resist it like some other dxpedition groups.
    Their use of the cluster as a two way communication tool is sometimes criticised but in my opinion is a highly efficient means of maximising openings on the low and high bands
    Paul – vk4ma

  7. Jan DJ5AN says:

    With 9 band including 160m this was one of my best expedition.
    Special I liked the fast online log on thier webside, just super
    It saved a lot dupes and they handled the pile up extreme good
    They also looked at the cluster for special requests for hams in northern Europe who could not beat the southern Europe wall on 10 and 12m.
    Just agree to the previous comments.

    Looking foreward for more expedition to do it this way.

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