The DXpedition is over but…

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

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The VP8STI/VP8SGI Dxpeditions are over and the team is now home. While the on the air activity has concluded, there is still much work to be done.

We received over 4,000 email messages and donation alerts while we were at sea. Contrary to what some may believe, we did not have email or internet access while we were away.

The Braveheart is taking our equipment to Cape Town where arrangements are being confirmed to ship it back to Northern California.

Some Clubs pledge donations before the Dxpedition but only provide funds after a successful activation. We must now reach out to those clubs to obtain their donations.

We have many obligations to our sponsors to write interesting and informative articles for their newsletters. We enjoy telling our stories.

When we have time, we will produce a nice video and share our visual story. In a few months, our equipment will return home. It must be sorted and cleaned. Our tents are torn and tattered and we will try to have them refurbished. We will returned loaned Elecraft and Force 12 equipment to our proud sponsors. We will ship our team members personal items back to them.

Our QSL Management team is very busy handling “busted call” and log search requests. Our Webmaster is now designing our QSL cards so that we can get them off to the Printer.

In a few weeks our QSL Management team can begin to send cards to our grateful DX Community.

We are preparing PowerPoint presentations for our talks at major conventions and DX gatherings. We are delighted to meet our fans and tell our story.

We are already discussing and planning our next rare activation. Enthusiasm becomes infectious. We have it bad.

Best wishes!

Paul N6PSE


  1. Jim says:

    Fantastic effort!!! Thank you!

  2. Rick WA6NHC says:

    A fantastic effort, worthy of a motion picture. With my sincere thanks for what was risked, endured for the simple pleasure of ATNO (twice for me)…. thank you.

  3. Roger says:

    Thanks for activating two rare locations. I needed South Sandwich for an ATNO. It turned out to be very difficult for me to hear VP8STI here in Oklahoma. I don’t have the greatest antenna — only a Log Periodic up about 40 feet. Also, evidently the site on South Sandwich was “behind a mountain” as seen from some parts of the USA. I listened for hours but there were only a few short windows where VP8STI was workable. The signals were weak and on top of this there was heavy QSB.

    So one night at 3AM local time I decided to go up to the shack and see what was going on. According to VOACAP there could be a 20m opening. I took a peek at 14.023Mhz and there you were in the clear calling CQ. Your signal level was about an S3 and at the time the noise level was about S1. There was virtually NO pileup. So I called up one KHz and worked you on the first call for an ATNO.

    I have been into DXing for about ten years. During this time there are two QSOs that were the most memorable: this one with VP8STI and one at 2AM local time on 40m with Peter I.

    I’m looking forward to whatever rare DX entity you are going to next!

    73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City

  4. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    Thanks to all of the dxpedition team members for two All Time New Ones !

  5. Roger AC6BW says:

    Excellent job, guys. A sincere thank you for all your efforts, and for the 2 ATNOs.

  6. Wayne, N0UN says:


    S. Sandwich gave me 331. Thanks for the All Time New One.

    Monitoring you and your team working through severe weather obstacles and logistical difficulties was interesting to say the least. Congratulations on the job well done and the teams safe return!

    Well done, thanks again

  7. n6pse says:

    Wayne, congratulations on #331 and HR! We are already working on what might be #332,


    Paul N6PSE

  8. Roger says:


    In the last sentence of this blog you mention that you and the group are working on plans for an upcoming DXpedition to a “rare location”. The news broke today, via Daily DX, that the planned operation is targeted at Baker / Howland.

    I need this one for an ATNO. Assuming I work Heard and Juan de Nova this could just barely put me on the Honor Roll.

    73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City

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