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Well, the last hour on fifteen meters SSB has been quite interesting.

About an hour ago, a male voice fired up simplex at 21.222 identifying as P5/3Z9DX. He was ESP copy here in W6 and I cant be sure if it was Dom-3Z9DX or not. I have talked to Dom on Skype and he has a distinctive voice. The voice on the radio was just so weak that I could not tell if it was really Dom.

It was sunrise in P5 when he started and many of the big guns in W6 were calling him. Some of those were #1 Honor Roll guys meaning they didn’t need P5 for DXCC but I know that many of them chase CQ Marathon and other awards.

Its 0115 UTC and the P5/3Z9DX is still operating. The sun has set and our propagation is about gone. From what I see on DX Summit he is now working JA stations.

It will be interesting to learn if this was really P5/3Z9DX or a slim. I’m really hoping that it was Dom-3Z9DX and that he was able to get permission and get on the air from the DPRK. Lets hope!

Update: http://www.DX-World.net is reporting that its really P5/3Z9DX!

Update #2: I am thrilled to find that I am in the on-line P5/3Z9DX log. My contact was very difficult as Dom’s signal was quite weak and the solar conditions were poor. What a thrill!

What do you think?


  1. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    Nothing here in Ohio 0133Z. 12/20/15

  2. WX2S says:

    Would be interesting to get some bearings, especially from Asia.

  3. Roger AC6BW says:

    He was ESP here is the South SF Bay Area, so I couldn’t get a good beam heading on him. Will definitely keep listening for him, though.
    I would hope that some the of the big gun #1 honor roll stations who don’t need P5 would have the courtesy to stand down and let the little pistols have a chance. I certainly would if in their position.

  4. I spoke to Dom this morning, he is tired and beat but safe and sound. He has one more day on the air then 2 days later he heads home. He has a vertical antenna 6′ above the ground on a fence post between two very large buildings downtown. Noise level is S9+30 and 15 is his best band. Congrats to Dom for making the trip just before X-mas and making P5 happen even if only a few qso’s are made! He has a family and a new born at home so this is an amazing sacrifice for the DX community to help pave the way for future activations.

    I hope everyone has a great holiday season and congrats to those who get P5 in the log!

    73 Lee

  5. Rick WA6NHC says:

    His web page validates yesterdays ops. Today, a CME hit and it’s going to be an ugly couple days for propagation (potential for a K of 7!). On the other hand, 80 was quiet and very long tonight, I worked the V5 with a dipole.

    I’m hoping Dom has time for more ‘demonstrations’ tomorrow, otherwise we’ll have to hope for better conditions next month, if he’s allowed to operate again (in a better location?).

    Congrats to those able to work him on 15 yesterday and today and on 20 meters today. The cluster spots indicated that the band conditions were very short, some JA, some BY spotting. Frustratingly close to ESP… It should be slam dunk (relatively) for us on the west coast, but with the expected pileup and S9+30 noise floor, who knows. Good hunting and Merry Christmas. de wa6nhc

  6. Roger says:

    I just opened the e-mail with Today’s [Dec 22] Daily DX. In it was a note saying that the P5/3Z9DX log is up on CLUB LOG. So I checked it out.

    I spot checked a number of DXers in the Southern Plains I know and NIL. I checked out N6PSE and BINGO. Way to go, Paul!!! You were evidently one of only 28 NA stations to work him.

    Holy Toledo!!

    73 Roger K5RKS

  7. n6pse says:

    Hi Roger, yes it was quite a thrill to see my call in the P5 log! I had called him and at one point I thought he came back to me so I gave him a signal report. He was incredibly weak and it was one of those contacts that you put into your log with a question mark next to it.

    • LA5LJA-Lars says:

      Funny story…P5/3Z9DX say hard to copy call’s ,qrn level 9+10 db on 15 mtr…
      You say you can barely hear him…was he qrpppppp then…Ore you run 100 Kw..
      Looks like a thank you qso made in the hotel room after he finished his operation.
      Real dxers make their qso’s on air…No log padding ..no Remote…
      Have a nice x-mas time…Have fun on the vp8’s……
      Have a good trip to the vp8¨s. Will be hard for me to get in log I think…hihi

  8. Don Meyer says:

    I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and be one of the 26 NA stations to make it in.An ATNO for me. Here’s hoping that the operation will be accepted by the ARRL for DXCC credit and that he soon will be back there on the air and put a smile on some more deserving DXers!

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