Expert Amps USA is closing their doors…

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Uncategorized


There is some chatter in the Amplifier forums on and that Expert Amps USA is closing their doors.

Expert Amps USA is one of two Expert amplifier importers in the US market. The business was taken over a few years ago by Frosty-K5LBU’s daughters. Rachael Larkins, President of Expert Amps USA, LLC confirms to me in an email that they are closing the company for a variety of reasons.

I am glad to report that competing Expert Linears America is still a thriving business.

The amateur radio amplifier market is a tough market and only those who can service what they sell have a chance to survive. Let’s hope that Bob Hardie and his team at Expert Linears America continue to do well.

What do you think?


  1. Roger says:

    I guess ham radio is not immune to situations where various businesses in the marketplace come and go. Amplifiers have always been a niche product compared to other product lines in ham radio. I bought a Henry Classic 3KD when I was in California. At that time Henry was one of the leading suppliers of Amateur Radio Linear Amplifiers. They used to have full page ads in QST for several decades. Now Henry Radio, like so many other ham radio manufactures, is gone. No more Hallicrafters, Hammerlund, National, Collins, Heathkit, Knight Kit, etc.

    But for complete disclosure it should be noted that there was an ad in a recent QST from a place that is doing business under the Heathkit name [see page 114 of December’s QST]. Also, I think Collins Radio is still in business with their Avionics/Military operations from their Cedar Rapids facility.

    One aspect of the Henry amps is that they were heavy. Mine weighed about 100 pounds. To avoid shipping the amp I arranged to drop by the Henry factory/store on Bundy Ave in West LA. I dropped by on the Monday after the weekend that I attended the 30th reunion of my high school class.

    MFJ has provided some stability in the ham radio marketplace because they have taken over a number of various product lines and given them new life. MFJ has come out with new products to extend the product lines the took over [such as HyGain, Ameritron]. In the last year I bought a Hy-Gain YRC-1 rotor controller and an Ameritron ALS-1306 amp.

    I’ve been using a Cushcraft ASL-2010 log periodic beam since 2005. So for me it is great that MFJ has added Cushcraft to its holdings and is continuing support for Cushcraft antennas.

    Unfortunately there are some domestic makers of ham radio equipment that seem to be vary unstable. They have undergone multiple changes in ownership in recent years. It is evidently especially difficult for domestic [USA] companies making ham radio equipment. Of course, Elecraft would be an exception to this. Elecraft is really moving forward at warp speed. I have to convince the XYL to let me get a complete K3S setup: rig, panadapter, linear, tuner etc.

    73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City

    • n6pse says:

      Roger, thank you for your interest in my blog. Yes, I remember Henry. In fact, I bought an 8877 tube from them when they were clearing out their inventory. I think the Expert solid state Amps are amazing! I have three of them that we are going to be using at VP8STI/VP8SGI on the low bands. All indicators are that they are very solid amps. I am not sure what the issues were for Expert Amps USA to cause them to fail but my guess would be that you had non hams trying to sell highly technical gear to hams and that is difficult to do.

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