Fun with the E6GG team…

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Uncategorized


As I write this Blog post, the E6GG team is winding down their operation from Niue and making their last contacts before they tear down their antennas and stations. They were able to make 48,709 contacts in Clublog.

I’ve had a lot of fun working E6GG this past week. This Dxpedition to Niue was organized by the “Six-G’s” expedition team which is the same team that operated as TX6G in 2014.

The team members were G4TSH, G4JKS, G3WPH, G3WGN, G3SVL, G3BJ and G3TXF. They ran four stations with 2-3 of them QRV around the clock.

From my W6 perspective, contacts with Niue aren’t ordinarily rare or exciting. Niue is #97 most wanted in Clublog and certainly the need is more significant in Europe. In fact, Niue has been activated on almost a yearly basis with one group making 15,203 contacts in 2011. Most of the time, Niue is activated “Holiday style” which means when the Niue visitors are not enjoying all the other many wonderful aspects of this South Pacific island.

This operation by the “Six-G” group was quite different. The quality of the operators was superb. Remarkable in fact. We are all familiar with Nigel G3TXF and his usual spectacular operating. I am glad to say that the other operators were just as competent and as exciting as Nigel. This was a superb team who delivered an outstanding effort around the clock day after day. I have only praise for their operation and no criticism whatsoever.

It has been said that their skill was the reason that there was little to no detectable DQRM or “policeman” behavior in their pileups. While their operating was top notch I feel that the lack of DQRM and “policeman” is rather a factor of the fact that this was not a rare and highly sought after Dxpedition.

DQRMers and policeman like to be “center stage” on top of the big and ultra-rare Dxpeditions that are less often but gather most of the attention. They thrive on the chaos that they can create. The pileups for E6GG were mostly quite minimal and I believe that is the reason for the small amounts of DQRM and bad activity.

I am very excited about the “Six-G” group and I hope that they will go on to activate other rarer entities. This was a superb effort for which they can be very proud.

What do you think?

  1. Roger says:

    The Niue operation by the “6G” group was FB. They had a good signal on 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, and 20m here in Oklahoma using a midsize beam up only about 40 feet. The pileups were not too intense and everyone was well behaved as far as I could tell from here.

    Hopefully the “6G” group will plan other operations. There are some places that are very hard to work from the mid USA due to propagation and/or being semi rare. One of them is IRAN. Maybe they could work out the logistics to setup an operation to IRAN where they would have a good spot — free from manmade QRN — to setup.

    73 Roger K5RKS

  2. n6pse says:

    I would love to see the SIx-G group activate Turkmenistan, now that would be a good one!

    I was fortunate to be able to make a few contacts with EP6T last year which from California is a very exciting contact!

  3. Jorge CX6VM says:

    incredible Team, thanks very much for all QSO´s!!

  4. RUSS GUIIDRY SR says:

    Paul, great work and right on. I also thing the team had a great focus on working CW full time because it was working the best, then put in a little SSB to test and finally only RTTY on 17 meters. For a team of only 6 or 7 then worked it to the fullest.This is a great test book model to follow. Looking forward to your team on VP8’s, it will be much harder contract from out here on WC. Safe travel to your David and the full team. Russ K5OA

  5. Roger says:

    A DXpedition in Turkmenistan would be excellent. To my knowledge there have not been any properly licensed operations from Turkmenistan for at least ten years. It is my understanding that ham radio is illegal there.

    Roger K5RKS

  6. Mike KJ4Z says:

    Great operation. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by any expedition G3TXF was on. Actually, looking through my old QSLs last year I discovered that Nigel was my first “G” QSO, all the way back when I was 13.

    I wondered if the lack of QRM was due to the supposedly poor conditions lately. Maybe the QRMers got bored with nothing to disrupt and found other people to torment?

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