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Posted: September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

about to gotoRiver

Tony-EA5RM during his journey on the Bolivian Amazon.

I have written extensively about humanitarian ham Antonio “Tony” Gonzalez-EA5RM. Tony has just completed his sixth humanitarian trip to the Bolivian Amazon where he continues his work in support of Radioamateurs Without Frontiers Bolivia Project 2015 Phase V.

Tony travels from his home in Spain to Bolivia entirely at his own expense. His recent efforts had him installing vertex Standard VX-1700 HF radios in the villages of Santa Maria, San Jose de Yaranda, Cosincho, Mission Fatima, Inanare, Emey, Duney, Catumare, San Ignacio de Moxos and Centro Multifunctional La Pascana.

Through Tony’s efforts each of these villages is able to reach remote medical help through their HF or VHF radios. In some cases they can summon a Phyiscian to come to their village, or they can seek medical advice and how to handle various situations on their own. This is a perfect example of technology and amateur radio enthusiasts working for the greater good.

Here is a list of donated equipment that Tony installed on this trip:

VHF radio and switched 15 amp power supply donated by Canary Is. Police to Solidaridad Medica NGO.

2 anti insects boxes donated by por Antonio Gonzalez (to keep insects out of the radios)

Donated materials by Radioamateurs Without Frontiers NGO and Solidaridad Medica France:

2 Radio Vertex Standard VX-1700  2 Broadband HF antennas  2 Solar panel 55 w 2 Charge regulators 5 Amp. 2 Gel batteries 100Ah 1 VHF antenna Comet GP1 2 VHF handies Luthor LT-11 4 Switch 6 led low energy lamps Installation hardware.

Bolivians Children GettingThere inVillage inVillage2 inVillage3 Onedown

In addition to establishing new stations in the villages, Tony made repairs and adjustments to some of the stations that he had established during his five previous visits to the Bolivian Amazon.


Tony going down the Amazon river.

OnRiver2 RadioBugBOx

Tony had custom bug cages built to house the radios to keep bugs out of them.


Some of the Bolivia Project 2015 Sponsors.


Tony and his equipment receive a warm greeting from the village.

Tony is already making plans for his Bolivia Project 2016 Phase VI. Tony is not only a devoted family man and a dedicated Dxpedition leader and Dxer, Tony is a true humanitarian with Ham Spirit.

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