Rant- I can’t get AT&T out of my life……..

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized


I hate AT&T!   There, I said it and I mean it. I realize this is a little off topic of amateur radio but we all have to deal with AT&T in some fashion. You cannot escape them. My dislike for them started back in the late 1990’s. I was running Internet Data Centers and my company bought tons of bandwidth from AT&T.

AT&T customer service was terrible. They would send us these weird cryptic messages about planned maintenance. They made absolutely no sense to anyone. Then AT&T would show up at the Datacenter and want to take down major circuits supporting major websites like Microsoft, Ebay, Google, Yahoo etc. They were so insensitive to customer needs and issues.

Later, when I worked as an IT Director, I often encountered AT&T. I often found that AT&T would sell a company a “bill of goods” and then provide terrible service and support. These companies would hire people like me to come in and resolve their issues which usually meant kicking AT&T out of the building.

A few years ago, AT&T talked me into being one of their first DSL customers. At first, it was fast and reliable. In their typical fashion, they oversubscribed their services and in no time at all their service became slow and poorly supported. They told me that if I renewed my contract and upgraded to U-Verse that would solve all of my problems.

Soon, my U-verse experience was just like my DSL experience and I kicked AT&T U-verse to the curb and brought in Comcast. So far Comcast’s Xfinity 90 mbps just rocks!  A lot better than the 3-4 mbps I was getting from AT&T.

Recently I purchased an Ooma box intending to replace my AT&T landline with a VOIP telephone system. I also got tired of AT&T pestering me to go “triple play” and move my television over to AT&T. My family would kill me if I switched television providers. We have been very happy Direct TV customers.

Oh heck!  Wouldn’t you know, AT&T has now purchased Direct TV and at the same time our TV reception is getting poor and unstable.  I’m sure the competent and reliable Direct TV support has probably gone by the wayside. I need to call them and discuss our issues but I sense they have already indoctrinated Direct TV into the AT&T way.

Maybe I will just have to fire them to finally get AT&T out of my life once and for all….

What do you think?

  1. Bill Salyers says:


    Once again, you have nailed it. I was a huge supporter of AT & T (aka The Death Star) until we got past he honeymoon. Then reality started to hit. I moved away from them at home, but, still had 423 cell phones with them at work. As IT Director, I was assured as to the high level of support we were going to get etc. Now, after they have moved my support from the local area (Cincinnati) to Denver, I am moving from AT & T to Verizon as fast as my team can port numbers. It was a large account for them to lose, and they have done it.

    Dang..I feel better now….

    73 and Gud DX

    AJ8B => Bill

  2. n6pse says:

    Bill, I really enjoyed being an IT Director until SOX came along…. During my career I only found two companies that were evil and treated their customers poorly. The worst were AT&T and EMC. Now, I try to avoid having any contact or dealings with either of these companies. I will miss my Direct TV.

  3. Jim says:

    Everyone has a different experience. We dropped our Cincinnati Bell landline and Consumer Cellular cell phones and went with AT&T cell phones, and never looked back. Service has been perfect, and for a change coverage has been just as good. Cost wise for us, same as the two CC cells and the Bell landline, so a wash. Bad service candidate in my eyes is Cincinnati Bell. In my eyes, a bunch of totally inept people who don’t speak very good English. It took forever to port our old landline to the AT&T cell. It was not AT&T’s fault since Bell ‘owned’ the number. First time, it took them 2 months to make it happen. I always heard on the phone, “it will be done by Monday”. Right….
    Bell’s DSL was equally bad. I had a slow line, seems like a 4 mbps line or so, and it periodically got REALLY slow. Testing it showed 780 kbps. I called on 6 different occasions, and they would putter around and eventually get it up to speed. Of course, two days later, back to 780 kbps. Ugh! The person at the other end was NEVER easy to understand, just like the landline issue. Finally, enter TWC.
    My brother just recently moved to Oak Hill, Florida from Middleburg, Florida. They had been a happy Verizon customer for years. But now are a happy AT&T cell customer. Reason: they got weary of standing in one corner of their new home facing the corner to get cell service. The switch to AT&T fixed that problem.
    My internet is TWC, and unlike others, it has been stable and plenty fast for us. Maybe I am lucky!

    BTW, Bell just recently installed Fioptics in my neighborhood. Two Bell sales reps came to my door to pitch it to me. Before they got started, I told them I never want Bell in my home again. They said ‘thank you’ and left. Fioptics is another waste of money, IMO. Just ask N8DX what his radio does to it. No such problem with TWC.

    You never really know how good or bad service for you is until you try it out.

  4. Mike KJ4Z says:

    I’ve had really high quality service from AT&T on my iPhone. Far better than I get from Verizon on my iPad. However, AT&T’s billing practices are somewhat dubious. They let me roll over unused bandwidth for one billing cycle, but I can’t use it until I’ve used up all my regular bandwidth for that cycle (which means, by definition, if I’m using rollover bandwidth I will have none available on the next cycle). Once or twice, I’ve checked my available balance, found that I had, say, 6 GB available, proceeded to use 5 GB, and gotten hit with an overage charge.

  5. Roger says:

    The thing I’ve observed about the common carrier phone network is the generally decrepit shape that the landline physical plant is in. Here in Oklahoma we have those green “pylons” running along major streets where the telephone cables run. Over the years these pylons are coming apart because of wear and tear over the decades such as lawn mowers running into them. The phone companies seem to be doing zero refurbishment of their land line physical plant. I guess they are just trying to get a few more years of service out of it before abandoning it altogether.

    Here in Oklahoma most people have switched their telephone service via our cable TV provider — which in our case is COX. Cox has fiber going to all of its service area — at least here in Oklahoma City — and they maintain their physical plant.

    With the phone company if you landline goes down for any reason you have to call them and then in a week or so they will come out and give you a different pair. What kind of service is this where it takes a week to fix a phone line?

    Maybe landline phone service is on the edge of extinction since just about everyone now has cellphone coverage and they don’t have landline service anymore.

    Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City

  6. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    I sometimes dream of the day when I can cancel all my home internet services, cancel my personal cell phone service, cancel the miserable paid TV service………

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