In Solidarity…..

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized


In Solidarity with other efforts to activate P5, I have removed my article on the realities of a North Korean amateur radio activation. Depending on their level of success it may or may not be updated and return at a later time.

Best of luck to all efforts to activate the DPRK.


Paul N6PSE

  1. Tom says:

    I found your article in the Google cache 😉

    FYI, I was in P5 last May last year. Many things became a bit more leger as before (e.g. I was permitted to carry my HF radio [receiver] and mobile phone [which doesn’t work in their network…hi] with me, I could take photos from anything I wanted etc.). But my feelings were, that an “asked from us” HAM radio activity is not in their list of newly more leger items. Maybe when the (high-high-end) officials from P5 things that any HAM radio activity will be a good idea to be accepted by “the world” as an equal player… But I think “our HAM” power in the public isn’t such important as before. And in this case I think, maybe they will train their own OPs to do so. Maybe in any kind of cooperation with their new friend Putin (…). And BTW, I’m sure their intel guys knows what we are and what & how we do. They might be not experienced in the pile-up, but maybe some of the CW-OPs of the recent Russian RDA tours, are secret guest-OP from P5 on a training mission. Who knows… 😉

    73, Tom – DL8AAM (ex SWL P5/DE8AAM…hi)

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