Good Hams doing great things…..

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Uncategorized


ET3AA is the most active licensed amateur station in Ethiopia. The new Yaesu FT450D is ready to go!

The ET3AA club station at Addis Ababa Technical University in Ethiopia is the only licensed and active station in Ethiopia at this time. A few years ago, a Yaesu FT450D was donated to them through an organization in the UK. This was facilitated by ET3SID Sid May (sk).

In 2011, an amplifier and other items were donated to the station by David Collingham-K3LP. Recently the Yaesu FT450D was damaged and was returned to Yaesu for repairs. It was determined that the radio was not repairable and would have to be replaced.

ET3AA QSL Manager, Bob Schenck-N2OO made it his mission to obtain a replacement radio. It was decided that the replacement radio should also be a Yaesu FT450D as the students of the club station were familiar with the operation of that radio.

Bob-N2OO contacted various known funding sources and within a short time sufficient funds were raised from a few members of the INDEXA board members, some members of the South Jersey DX Association, the Intrepid-DX Group, Ken Clearbout-K4ZW and some of his friends. In addition, GigaParts in conjunction with Dennis-K7BV and Yaesu provided a significant discount and a speedy delivery of a new replacement FT450D.


ET3AA students making contacts with the new and repaired equipment.

Ken-K4ZW visited the station several times while en route to work assignments in Africa. While there, he has mentored the students and has repaired their amp and coax switch. He also set up an RBN at the ET3AA station that was provided by the YASME Foundation.

The students at ET3AA are now back on the air!   This is another great example of Good hams doing great things.

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