Field Day enjoyment…

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Buddipole and Solar Panels for power.

Operating from the field can be a lot of fun! Sometimes, its good to step out from under the big Yagi on the massive tower and to operate as a “little pistol”. It’s amazing what you can do with a simple antenna and low power. My group of friends and I enjoy operating off a battery fed by solar panels and a Buddipole antenna. If you are near salt water, the reflection of the signals can be amazing.


Very simple “shack in a box” radio, tuner, battery etc

This is my “go box” Its a simple Yaesu FT-857 with a tuner and a battery in a small Pelican case. Its self contained and all you do is plug in the antenna and connect the solar panels to the battery.


It does not get more simple than this.

This is our simple set up in a public park. This kind of activity always draws interest from the public and we enjoy showing how our station works to anyone who is interested.

IMG_3709 IMG_3731

N6PSE and N6NKT operate from the roof of Alcatraz Prison as Red looks on.

Its a simple process to get a permit from the National Park service. They are very friendly towards amateur radio, in fact several of the NPS Rangers are also hams!  Operating from the roof of the old Alcatraz Federal Prison is a lot of fun!


Operating from a special location such as Alcatraz is a lot of fun!

Operating from the middle of San Francisco Bay is a real treat. We were actually working some European stations on our simple set up!


Very simple setup, Buddipole and solar panel

IMG_3777 IMG_3781

George-N6NKT sets up to operate from the Point Pinos Lighthouse, Pacific Grove, CA.

You can obtain permission to operate from a lighthouse, or you can do as we did and simply park in the parking lot and set up our station and operate!


Ryan-N6RYN working JA stations as N6PSE from campsite in Oregon.

We like to go camping in nature and we always bring our portable station with us. On the Oregon coast, its very easy to work stations in Asia with low power and a simple antenna.

Operating from the field adds a new and different dimension to the hobby. Its a great way to spend time outdoors and you see and experience a much different aspect of the hobby.

What do you think?


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