5Z0L Well Done by the Italian DXpedition Team…..

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized


The Italian DXpedition concluded their operations today as 5Z0L. The IDT Team always does a fantastic job and their operations from Kenya were on par with their many other operations throughout Africa.

The IDT Team has their own unique style and approach. They announced a focus on six meters, however I was delighted to see that they worked all of the bands with their usual zeal and competent style.

The IDT Team operators are very skilled and have incredible stamina. I like how they select a band and stick with it for the major portion of their day. The IDT Team always has a good signal. They follow the propagation and they work all of the most difficult areas. Their operators hear very well and are very skilled in keeping their rates very fast and very well managed.

The IDT Team made over 40,000 contacts with over 15,000 unique calls in their log.

I really had fun working the Italian DXpedition Team, I love their style and they are a pleasure to hear on the bands.

Well done Italian DX Team!

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