My 2015 Dayton Hamvention Report…….

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Dayton_2015 011

Zorro Miyazawa-JH1AJT is inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame by Bob Schenk-N2OO

I had not planned to attend the 2015 Dayton Hamvention this year, however when I was invited to present Zorro-JH1AJT for induction in the CQ DX Hall of Fame, I just could not miss the opportunity to see my friend Zorro again. I am so pleased that he has been honored in this fashion. Zorro is an amazing person, a true humanitarian and I know of no one who loves amateur radio as much as Zorro!

Dayton_2015 015

David-K3LP presents Don Miller-W9WNV with a new ICOM IC-7100

My Hamvention started at the Friday night DX Dinner. I enjoyed Don Greenbaum-N1DG’s presentation on the C82DX DXpedition of 2013 and the many visits from “murphy” that they endured. Murphy always visits our DXpeditions and we go to great efforts to ward him off. Michael Wells-G7VJR, founder of ClubLog and Yasuo “Zorro” Miyazawa-JH1AJT were inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame. It was great to see the K1N Navassa Team honored as SWODXA’s DXpedition of the Year.

Dayton_2015 022 Dayton_2015 023

Luso towers always take your breath away. Expert Amplifiers new 1.3K-FA amplifier is in great demand.

On Saturday morning, I arrived early at Hamvention to take in all of the sights and events. I was on the prowl for new products. These are the new products that I found. Expert Amplifiers 1.3K-FA at 18lbs and full power is now in great demand from DXpeditioners and DXers alike. Expect bigger signals from future DXpeditions with the use of this amplifier/tuner. Other new products were the Elecraft K3S, the Alpha Antennas Loop, MJF has a new remote station control box to give RemoteRig some competition. FlexRadio demonstrated their new “Maestro” controller for the Flex line of transceivers. ICOM revealed their new IC-7851 HF Rig and their IC-2730A VHF/UHF mobile radio.

Dayton_2015 025 Dayton_2015 026

Vintage Heathkit and Collins gear for sale in the swap meet.

The Hamvention Swap Meet is amazing! Grand in size and scale, you just never know what you will find in the flea market. I enjoy looking at all the great vintage gear.

Dayton_2015 027 Dayton_2015 028

You can buy anything & everything for your station building needs.

Dayton_2015 029 Dayton_2015 031

Vintage radios and Military Surplus transceivers for sale.

Dayton_2015 032 Dayton_2015 034

Every variety of Amps for sale in the swap meet. New, light and inexpensive Satellite arrays.

The team from have a nice open source ground station.

Dayton_2015 036 Dayton_2015 037

You can buy old pay telephones at Hamvention. Do your kids know what they are?

I enjoy finding the whacky and weird stuff at the swap meet. When is the last time you saw a pay telephone? I also like to look at the many massive mobile antennas. This one was one of the larger mobile antennas that I saw.

Dayton_2015 038 Dayton_2015 039

Here is the winner of the biggest mobile antenna. All sorts of commercial repeater gear for sale.

Dayton_2015 041 Dayton_2015 042

Cavities and hard line sold by the foot.

Dayton_2015 043 Dayton_2015 044

Part of the fun is finding weird stuff for sale. Old Snorkel gear and an old potty chair.

I think the weirdest item I saw was this potty chair. Priced low and for quick sale! Imagine having to carry that out of there.

Dayton_2015 046 Dayton_2015 047

You could buy an old mailbox or an old Tesla coil. How about a practice bomb?

More weird and whacky items, an old mailbox, Tesla coil and a dummy bomb. You just never know what you will see in the Hamvention swap meet.

Dayton_2015 048 Dayton_2015 049

You could outfit your police car or your light house.

Dayton_2015 050 Dayton_2015 052

Cell site panel antennas. A Collins 10KW (or more) amplifier.

This commercial broadcast amplifier had been converted over to 10-80 meters. For the man who has everything!

Dayton_2015 053 Dayton_2015 056

Collins Amp is converted to 10-80 meters. Old Mics for sale.

Dayton_2015 057 Dayton_2015 059

Old commercial gear for sale. Every variety of Military surplus comms gear.

Dayton_2015 060 Dayton_2015 063

More military surplus. One of the new products on display was Alpha Antennas Loop Antenna.

Dayton_2015 068 Dayton_2015 072

Elecraft revealed their new K3S Transceiver and they were very busy taking orders.

The crowd at the Elecraft booth was enormous. They were very busy taking orders for their new K3S.

Dayton_2015 073 Dayton_2015 075

Every kind of wire and cable. Flex Radio revealed the new Maestro control station. Very impressive!

Dayton_2015 077 Dayton_2015 079

Begali and their personalized Keys. The ARRL Expo was showcasing technology to young people.

The ARRL Expo was bigger and better than ever. It is great to see the ARRL’s efforts to expose young people to technology. The ARRL is taking a lead roll in championing HR-1301, the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015. Please heed their call for your support on this important legislation:

Dayton_2015 080 Dayton_2015 082

ARRL Expo and Iportable Products. Great solutions for “Go kits”

Dayton_2015 085 Dayton_2015 087

ARRL President Kay Craigie-N3KN greets visitors. Hamplus from Brazil has a new line of coax switches.

Kay Craigie-N3KN gave a very nice and inspirational speech at the Saturday night Contest Dinner. I really enjoyed hearing her speak.

Dayton_2015 088 Dayton_2015 089

More Hamplus Coax Switches. Very impressive. The top end of a Luso mega tower.

Dayton_2015 090 Dayton_2015 091

This is the Rotator for the Luso tower. The colorful guys from Radiowavz. No I did not ask them what is worn under their kilts. I think I know the answer!

Dayton_2015 092 Dayton_2015 094

Alpha’s 4040 Tuner should be shipping soon. There’s the antenna guy!

Dayton_2015 096 Dayton_2015 099

Gordon West and Bob Heil doing Leo Laporte “the Tech Guy” live radio broadcast.

Dayton_2015 100 Dayton_2015 101

Scenes from the main exhibit hall.

Dayton_2015 102 Dayton_2015 103 Dayton_2015 105 Dayton_2015 106

CQ Contest Hall of Fame inductees Ward Silver-N0AX and Doug Grant-K1DG. Don Miller-W9WNV and I enjoy the Contest Dinner festivities.

I enjoyed the weekend with my new friend Don Miller-W9WNV. Don gave a nice talk in the Saturday afternoon DX Forum. Here is a factiod about Don-he really enjoys dessert!

Dayton_2015 110 Dayton_2015 118

A nice moment with Zorro-JH1AJT. DX Engineering is a proud Sponsor of VP8STI/VP8SGI

In closing, this was a really great Hamvention. The Dayton Amateur Radio Association really did a super job in organizing this event. As I was leaving, I stopped by their office in the Hara Arena to compliment them. In particular, the many restrooms at the convention were kept clean and unusually well maintained during the event. The Great folks at SWODXA also did a great job in their parts of the weekends activities. Lastly a big thank you to Tim Duffy-K3LR and the folks at DX Engineering for all that they do! DX Engineering donated dozens of great prizes and is a major DXpedition supporter.

What was the best part of Hamvention?  Probably the fellowship and interaction with the many great people enjoying the event. The worst part?  I really can’t think of anything. This was a really great convention and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. See you next year!

What do you think?

  1. KG4CYX says:

    The potty chair is probably the only clean toilet in the place 😉

    • n6pse says:

      Actually, I thought the restrooms and toilets were very well attended to this year and much cleaner than any time I can remember. Several times while I was in the restroom the cleaning crews came in and did a clean up. They were very attentive this year and it showed!

  2. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    I am astonished how the Dayton Amateur Radio Association presents such a monumental event every year !! Good timing also for Canadian hams attending Dayton Hamvention. Victoria Day affords many Canadians a three day national holiday that weekend.

  3. Ed Muns says:

    I think is wonderful that your Dayton summary didn’t bemoan the condition of the Hara Arena. Yes, it isn’t the Moscone Center, but it is quite adequate for the purpose. Ham radio would be hard-pressed to find a venue that accommodated all the vendors, flea market, and forums … was affordable by the ham community … and that had the wherewithal of the DARA to pull it all off. We’re fortunate to have the annual Dayton Hamvention with us for many decades and likely into the future.

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