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The Dorothy Grant Elementary students operate the N6V Special Event Station

This past weekend, the 66th annual International DX Convention was held in Visalia, California. Visalia is roughly halfway between the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Each year, the Northern California DX Club and the Southern California DX Club alternate organizing this event each year. They are assisted by members of the Central Arizona DX Club and the Utah DX Association.  The IDXC started in 1957 in Fresno California.


Tim-K3LR and David-K3LP, Ward-N0AX visit with Beverly WA6BK and her students from Dorothy Grant Elementary School (

The three day convention is centered on DX and DXing. There are seminars on Dxpeditions, how to work DX, how to improve your station and your operating skills. Many vendors showcase their products and quite often new products are revealed at IDXC.


Seb-F5UFX, David-K3LP and Michel-FM5CD and Pista-HA5AO and Paul N6PSE meet.

The parking lot is full of trucks and cars with antennas both big (really big) and small.

This year’s primary organizers were John Miller-K6MM, Kevin Rowett-K6TD and Rich Siefert-KE1B. On Friday night, The Intrepid-DX Group hosted Don Miller for dinner and we really enjoyed his humor and wit. It was a rare and special opportunity to get to know him.


Rick-W0RIC, Don-W9WNV, Paul-N6PSE and Jerry-WB9Z. Eric-WA6HHQ talks to a customer.

I attended DX University this year for my first time. DX University is organized by Wayne Mills-N7NG. I attending primarily to listen to the talk by Bob Allphin-K4UEE on working with various Governments to activate rare and difficult places to gain permission. Bob shed a massive amount of light on the decades long quest by the KP 1-5 Group to activate Desecheo and Navassa Islands. Ralph Fedor-K0IR gave a great talk on many important aspects of DXpeditioning.

These fine men are the two leading Dxpedition organizers of our generation and are highly respected and admired.  Most of the speakers were quite good and well informed.Carl-K9LA gave a very informative talk on Propagation. Carl is one of the premier “gurus” in the propagation arena and his talks reflect his many years of experience.


Dave Patton-NN1N meets WA6BK and her students

I enjoyed the panel discussion and the perspectives of the experienced and well informed panel.  I did not attend any of the sessions of Contest University which was going on right across the hallway.

It’s always exciting to see what new products are revealed at IDXC. This year, it was the Expert 1.3K-FA solid state Amplifier with built in tuner. This piece of equipment has the potential to be very attractive to the Dxpedition crowd due to its high output and light weight. Bob Heil of Heilsound was there with his latest line of Pro-7 headsets in many various colors.


Dave-K3LP and Bob-K4UEE

The Team was there, running the N6V Special Event station which was entirely remote to a large station in Southern California. It was great to see the kids from the Dorothy Grant Elementary School Club station using the N6V station to make contacts and share the excitement of being on the bands.


Tom-ND2T, Don-N1DG, Paul-N6PSE, Dave-K3LP, David-WD5COV of the Intrepid-VP8 Team receive their NCDXF Grant.

On Saturday afternoon, there were many Dxpedition presentations.  I particularly enjoyed the EP6T presentation as well as the FT4TA and 9K2HN presentation.


The 9K2HN Voodudes and the fine folks at SteppIR Antennas.

The highlight of my afternoon was Don Miller’s “A Walk Down Memory Lane” Don discussed his many activations both real and not and he apologized and admitted to past transgressions. I was very moved that he received a standing ovation following his talk. The DX fraternity is very understanding and forgiving and it was a crowd full of class and respect that gave Don this level of respect with the standing ovation. Don is very eager to return to amateur radio and to conduct another operation as long as his health permits.


DX Legend Don Miller-W9WNV “A Walk Down Memory Lane”. Paul-N6PSE with David-WD5COV.

The Saturday night banquet was interesting. Chip-K7JA is a hilarious Master of Ceremony. I really enjoy him as MC. Some fantastic prizes were raffled including an entire Elecraft K-Line. My favorite part of the dinner was when Chip called Beverly Matheson-WA6BK and her students from the Dorothy Grant Elementary School Amateur Radio Club (K6DGE.COM) up to the stage.  A few moments later, David Collingham-K3LP and I presented her with the Intrepid Educator Award for her mentoring of children and exposing them to amateur radio. Beverly and her class gave us quite a surprise by making a very generous donation to our VP8 Dxpedition. The kids had been recycling bottles and cans to make that happen.


Beverly Matheson-WA6BK receives the Intrepid Educator Award. Bob Heil-K9EID goes “Hollywood”

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was to see nine year old Dorothy Grant Elementary student Alyssa Bridwell (call sign pending) win an ICOM IC-718 as the youngest amateur present. How fantastic!


Alyssa Bridwell, Age 9, receives her ICOM IC-718. Rusty-W6OAT visits with the Dorothy Grant students.

It was great to see many of the current and past DX legends at IDXC. I am really excited about the new leaders such as Krish-W4VKU and Seb-F5UFX that are emerging to produce and organize very solid Dxpeditions such as VU4/VU7 and FT4TA. These are exciting times. To cap it off, Seb-F5UFX announced that his team will activate Juan de Nova in March 2016.


Krish-W4VKU, Dave-K3LP, Don-N1DG and Dave-K3LP, Ralph-K0IR and Paul-N6PSE

It was also great to see Lou-N2TU and Craig-K9CT announce their January 2016 Dxpedition to Palmyra Island. Both of these destinations are in the top ten most wanted DXCC entities.


Dave-K3LP and Craig-K9CT. The TX3X Chesterfield Team receives their NCDXF Grant.

The Sunday morning breakfast session was quite enjoyable. Glenn Johnson-W0GJ gave a great presentation on K1N. Visalia was full of good will and good cheer. It was a time where animosity and bad feelings were left in the past and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and each other.


Frank-ON7RU, Paul-N6PSE and Luc-ON4IA of the EP6T Team.

IDXC 2015 was an outstanding event, for which the organizers and team of volunteers can be very proud! Everything at IDXC 2015 was well organized and orchestrated. The venue at the Convention Center and Marriott is superb. The only complaints I heard was that Saturday nights speaker was too long and the bacon on Sunday morning was not crispy enough. In other words, a truly fantastic event.  I think this was the best IDXC ever!


Paul-N6PSE and Don Miller-W9WNV enjoy a new friendship.

Special thanks to Rick-W0RIC and David-K3LP for loaning me their photos.

What do you think?

  1. Gary W4GAL says:

    Paul, this is superb coverage of the event. I need to make a pilgrimage from FLA next year!! TNX!

  2. Gene says:

    Hi Paul,

    It was nice to see you and our 850+ best DXer friends from around the country and around the world at Visalia.

    The convention seems to get better each year, with excellent speakers / forums and plenty of time to socialize with friends – old and new.

    The exhibits were top shelf – with the TX3X team receiving additional equipment sponsorship from several firms displaying their products.

    Good luck with VP8.

    Gene K5GS

  3. John - VE8EV says:

    Hi Paul,

    Nice write up and very pleased to meet you at the show. I’m a big fan of DX history so hearing (and later meeting) Don Miller was a thrill ranked right up there with working a new country!

    John VE8EV

  4. Peter Dernikos says:

    Hi Paul,
    Great stuff Paul, and a great write up.
    Hope to meet up with you at Dayton in the coming weeks.

    Peter VK3FN

    • n6pse says:

      Hi Peter, Thank you for supporting our VP8 plans, I look forward to meeting you too, however I won’t make it to Dayton this year. Next year for sure! All the best, Paul N6PSE

  5. Roger says:


    This was a great write-up regarding the Visalia DX convention. Someday, I hope to attend.

    Do you happen to know if the talk by Don Miller was recorded (either audio or video)? If so, many “newby” DXers — like myself — would really like to hear/see his talk. Don Miller is a legend in the DX community.

    73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City

  6. Robert H. Pusch, WD8NVN says:

    Nice to meet you in person Paul !! What a privilege, Don Miller decided to sit with me at the Sunday breakfast table along with 3 others …… On another note, I never figured to learn so much about Albatrose birds at a DX radio convention, Hi Hi

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