For the love of DX…..Visalia IDXC 2015

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized


In a few short weeks, many of us will gather in Visalia, California for the annual International DX Convention.

This year’s event is being hosted by the Northern California DX Club and the Primary organizers are John-K6MM, Kevin-K6TD and Rich-KE1B.

I was just looking at the program and the list of major prizes and this event appears to be even better than past years.

What is unique about Visalia is that even though there are many DX Luminaries, contesters, vendors attending the event, the common thread at Visalia is that we all love DX and DXing. Some of us love chasing DX and some of us love being DX. It is safe to say that DX is the theme of this event each year.

This will be a great event to meet and catch up with new and old friends. I am looking forward to chatting with DX Luminaries such as K0IR, K4UEE and K9CT as well as important DXers of yesteryear including Don Miller W9WNV. Each of these figures offers years of experience and there is something to learn from all of them. I’m looking forward to the presentations on EP6T, FT4TA, VK9MT and K1N.

If you have never attended Visalia, well you should really try to attend in the future. It is a very special event if you love any aspect of DX or DXing.

Hope to see you there!

Paul N6PSE

  1. Glenn, KE4KY says:

    Hope to see you there. Will be with the VK9MT group.

  2. n6pse says:

    Hi Glenn-KE4KY, thank you for your interest in my Blog, Yes, I will be there and I look forward to meeting you and seeing many of the VK9MT team.

    73 until then,

    Paul N6PSE

  3. Katie Breen Allen says:

    Can’t wait, looking forward to seeing everyone!! (73 de WY7YL)

  4. Robert H. Pusch WD8NVN says:

    I will be there too from Columbus, Ohio. The first time I visited Visalia ever..

  5. n6pse says:

    Robert-WD8NVN and Katie-WY7YL, I am so glad both of you can make it. Be sure to get some raffle tickets on Friday as the prizes are spectacular. If you see my name badge, please say “hello”.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone at IDXC!

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