Blogging from Eritrea…..

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Blogging from Eritrea-Update:

There is just one word to describe Blogging from Eritrea-IMPOSSIBLE!

Having never been to Eritrea, I was naïve to think that I could actually blog from Eritrea. Going to Eritrea is like going back 40 years in time. Horse drawn wagons are more common than cars on the roads and almost no one has a cellphone or modern electronics. I did see one Internet Café in Asmara. Our hotel had Wifi but it did not work. We brought a BGAN terminal with us to perform our daily Clublog uploads. BGAN satellite time is very expensive and web pages would not load, thus blogging from Eritrea was well intended but not possible. The team is now home and we will begin to prepare our presentations and articles about our experiences as members of the E30FB team. We had a lot of fun, many challenges and visits by “Murphy” to overcome. We will share all of our stories very soon. Watch my blog for updates on this and much more.

Blogging from Eritrea….. I’m about to head out the door to make my way to Asmara, Eritrea. It will be a long and arduous journey, about 36 hours of travels. I will fly to Los Angeles, then Istanbul where the team will meet and make the flight to Asmara. There has been much uncertainty with this trip. In fact, as I write this, I am awaiting my passport and visa to arrive via FedEX. For an American, getting a visa to visit Eritrea is quite difficult. Everything that I have heard and read about Eritrea tells me that I am in for a unique adventure. Our Dxpedition must have no appearance of any commercial activity. No advertising, no making money. Thus, there is no Dxpedition website. The team is aware of the immense demand for contacts from Eritrea and we will do our best to satisfy the tremendous need. Zorro and his assistant, Jay-JA1TRC have put a lot of their own time and money into this project. Let’s hope for good propagation, low levels of noise and good ham spirit. I hope that we have a solid Internet connection and I can update my blog during the Dxpedition. Some countries block any form of Social Media.  It would be fun to give you an almost real-time perspective of what it is like being a part of this team and carrying out this effort. I will give it a try. We are on our way to Asmara now, See you in the pileups! Paul N6PSE

  1. Murray Green, K3BEQ says:

    Good luck. Look forward to a CW atno QSO.

  2. John R. Smith KB6KI says:

    Thanks to all for investing the time and money to put Eritrea on the air – I still need it for an ATNO. Very tough to work from the West Coast so I hope you will listen for us here on occasion, especially long path.

    All the best and have fun working the pileups!

    John KB6KI

  3. n6pse says:

    Unfortunately, my plans to blog from Eritrea are not going to work as expected. The Internet is very slow here. Remember what 26KBS dialup was like? So, I will not be able to post daily updates of life inside the DXpedition.

    Eritrea is very interesting. We are being treated like VIP’s which is in stark contrast to how difficult it was to obtain our visas.

    Murphy has been a constant presence. Our WARC band Yagi and our SteppIR Big IR were damaged in shipping as was one of our logging laptops.

    We are QRV with three stations currently. We will continue to try to work the most difficult areas which are W6/W7.

    Thank you,

    Paul N6PSE

  4. Hal, N7NW says:

    Thanks one of the last five I need. Worked on 15 CW great signal and op. Say HI to Tom NQ7R

  5. Hal, N7NW says:

    Many thanks or Eritrea, one of the last Five that I need, now down to four!! Great expedition, good propagation on 12 through 30 meters from the Pacific North West. Kudo’s to your team members!!

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