Congratulations to the K1N Team!

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The 2015 Navassa Island K1N Team

Congratulations on an outstanding activation of Navassa Island!  Wow, what fun that was!

This was another successful activation by the KP 1-5 Project Group, led by Bob-K4UEE and Glenn-W0GJ. It took many years of serious effort to gain the trust and permission to make this activation.

I had high expectations for K1N and they greatly exceeded every one of them. We saw absolute mastery on CW. We marveled at the CW operators and their ability to often pull a complete call out of a massive pileup in rapid “machine gun” fashion. This was operating at its best from this world-class team.

“Murphy” made many visits to the logging infrastructure and they beat him back every time. We laughed when one SSB operator repeatedly identified as K9W. Many of the operators had to employ creative means to move away from the DQRM.

As is often the case, pileup behavior was very poor during this Dxpedition. We heard EU acting bad when K1N was working North America. We heard North America acting bad when K1N was working Asia. We did not hear Asia acting badly thankfully.

There was full on filth and every variety of DQRM during much of the Dxpedition. Tuners, lids and Cops ran amok.

It has been said that the behavior of the pileup is a direct reflection on the skill of the operator. Well, that does not hold true anymore. These were exceptional operators operating in a skillful and masterful way. This behavior by the pileups could not be attributed to the fine operating of the team members. This is the unfortunate state of our hobby these days.

K1N’s efforts to provide “All time new ones” on the last days is admirable. This was the best way to close out a wonderful show. Thank you K1N team!

What do you think?

  1. Roger says:

    The K1N operation was excellent. There was some QRM due to people calling on the DX frequency and also policeman. However, it seemed to me that the there were less distractions from DQRM and/or lids to the K1N DXpedition than is usually the case with major DXpeditions.

    The K1N guys put a ton of Qs into the log. Evidently, whatever problems were caused by DQRM and/or lids didn’t put much of a dent in the operation.

    Who would have thought that they would put 138K Qs in the log!!!! Guys were working them with QRP. Guys were working them with attic dipoles. It was amazing!!

    I can’t think of any previous DXpedition that netted 35K unique calls.

    At first they announced that they would only work a given mode on certain bands. But when it became clear that this was no longer necessary they opened the floodgates. That was likely part of the dynamic that led to the 138.4K Qs.

    73 Roger K5RKS

  2. Roger AC6BW says:

    Yes, absolutely, congratulations. They did an excellent job! I think the DQRM problem was a little worse than the other poster indicated. I almost lost a QSO due to it. But the K1N ops seemed aware of it, and were taking some actions to minimize the impact. Also, I really hope that the new DQRM tracking project is successful, and is implemented by future DXpeditions.

    I worked them on 3 bands, and I’m very happy for the ATNO. Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done.

    Roger, AC6BW

  3. Yep! Fantastic group of operators! I think at least from my perspective the DQRM was less a problem for me than usual only because these guys were putting out 5-9 PLUS signals on just about every band into Colorado. Pretty amazing. Their signals were putting the DQRM to shame. I suppose their SteppIR’s, a 165 foot light house for their wire antennas and excellent operating techniques all played a part in the party. Kudos! 73 Jeff / KI0KB

  4. Rick says:

    It was the BEST of times, it was the WORST of times…

    BEST DXpedition EVER!!! Outstanding first class group of operators working REALLY hard to attempt to please everyone, VERY well done. I managed 13 band slots and I’m really pleased since I know my meager station made it difficult for them, I put ALL credit to THEM. I simply spent a lot of chair time. I’m QUITE impressed with THEIR success; I want to be them when I grow up. :o)

    Telling comment from one member: “It’s cooled off today, it’s only 105” Yuck, in THAT humidity?

    WORST DQRM EVER. I’ve never heard it so bad (almost 40 years of hamming), the language was appalling (in voice, CW and RTTY), poor operating practices all around and I’m fully convinced that much of it WAS deliberate. I’d be hopeful of a regulatory agency making examples of a group of them to scare the rest, but that would require taking positive action and that’s not something most governmental agencies are good at. I saw jamming (nothing else to call it) both on the team frequency and on that of those trying to work the team. It was also a lidfest… how far we have fallen.

    All in all, for me it was an excellent experience. I was even able to reach the pilot to ask for an operating correction (calling AS only while peaking on the West Coast) and actually got a response that gave me a couple more Q’s when they took a pause for W6. How cool is THAT?

    I could not be more pleased with the team…. WELL done!

    I’m still not convinced that an MRE qualifies as food, but if it fills the hole…

    de Rick wa6nhc

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