Radio Shack may be toast…..

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized


More bad news for US based Radio Shack. They have defaulted on a loan and the New York Stock Exchange has suspended trading of its shares. The NYSE reports that Radio Shack does not have a high enough market value to be listed on their exchange any longer. Shares of RadioShack have declined over 90% of their value this past year.

Radio Shack is low on cash and has had difficulty competing with online stores. Last March, Radio Shack announced plans to close 1,100 stores.

As a kid, I spent many hours in my local Radio Shack buying and building kits. This was back in the days when they actually sold Ham Radio gear.

Now Radio Shack seems to sell cell phones and related accessories as well as other low end products made in China. The glory days of Radio Shack are long past and they just may be toast.

What do you think?

  1. Gary says:

    Like you, I remember the “good old days” Also miss Allied, Lafayette Radio too. Even the local store in Fairborn, OH (Custom Electronics) sold ham gear.. along with Sears Roebuck. My EICO 720 still plays for SKN, the HQ110 is long gone. Memories persist, tho.. Tnx for the post amigo 73 Gary K7ZD

  2. Mike KJ4Z says:

    The first time I ever saw a Fry’s was in 2006, in Texas, and they had a whole row of ham radio gear. I was sorry to see there was no trace of anything like that by the time I got to California a couple years ago. RadioShack lost its way even before that, and its demise is sad but hardly untimely.

    The Onion wrote this article 8 years ago:,2190/

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