An update on our VP8 South Sandwich & South Georgia DXpedition

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized


The Intrepid-DX Group, led by Paul Ewing-N6PSE and David Collingham-K3LP, is pleased to announce that we have received our Landing/Camp Permit for South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands for our January 2016 DXpeditions.

South Sandwich is currently the #4 most wanted entity while South Georgia is currently the #9 most wanted entity.

We will be on each island for ten days and we plan for eight full days of radio.

At this time, we are seeking Foundation, Club and individual support to help us offset our significant costs to activate these two rare islands. Our vessel charter is in excess of $310,000 USD and our total budget is $425,000. Without significant support from the global DX Community we will not be successful in making these very rare activations.

Our primary objective is to activate South Sandwich and South Georgia with a goal of providing as many Dxers as possible a “new one” with these rare DXCC entities and, as a secondary objective; we will focus on low-band contacts. We will use proven techniques to help ensure that everyone has a fair chance to work us. We will not be using the Club Log “Leaderboard”. It is our hope that we can perform an upload to LoTW during or just after the Dxpedition.

You can find out more about our plans at our website:

Thank you,

Paul N6PSE

David K3LP

  1. w9rpm says:

    Paul, very much looking forward to these, and intend to support, and will ask all my fellow DXer friends to also. Thanks. John W9RPM

  2. Rob - W8MRL says:

    Is there any chance, in light of the lids jamming and causing all kinds of interference on all the major dxpeditions which is making contacts so hard anymore, that the group would only log two QSO’s with each callsign? This would cut down the number of big gun stations that pound the airways on every band and mode. If they knew only two of their QSO’s would be actually logged, the traffic would drop off quickly and more stations worldwide would have a better chance to log at least one QSO.

    • w9rpm says:

      That to me would not make any sense to me to do that. I understand what you are saying, but if you need them on a given band,why should you be limited to 2 contacts. I need VP8/S on several bands and need both of them on RTTY. I think that one of the problems is the Leader Boards that everyone seems to use now. I understand the excitement of working a Dxpedition, but if you already have it confirmed on a given band/mode, why call to work it again. I am just as guilty of that as anyone, but have been trying to not do that to give someone else the chance. All these Dxpeditions are driven by numbers and donations, and rightly so. The cost of going to these rare ones that have been the last few years has been enormous. Even the upcoming Navassa that is close to everything will be expensive because of the requirements that have been told they have to follow, so it is not a choice. Just my 2 cents.

      73 John W9RPM

  3. Personally I don’t believe the number of QSO’s made by anyone individual ham has much to do with the retarded mentality of the DQRM’ers. Those individuals have some serious mental issues and don’t fit into the norms of society. I have no doubt that their daily lives are pathetic and chaotic. DQRMing must give them some warped sense of satisfaction that most normal individuals can’t even imagine. I know I cant. I don’t know that they really have much control over their bizarre behavior. I just feel lucky that I and most hams don’t have to engage in that behavior. Feel good about yourself, ignore the nitwits the best you and your rig can handle and make as many band slot Q’s as you can or want to muster. 73 Jeff /KI0KB

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