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Posted: December 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


There is some very rare and exotic DX coming our way very soon. Both K1N Navassa Island, the number 2 most wanted entity and EP6T, the Kish Island, Iran DXpedition will be QRV very soon.

Its times like this that hams with a shack should share their shack with others. These rare activations should not be missed. We must acknowledge that not everyone has the means or ability to put up a tower and a large Yagi.

We can do a service to our fellow hams and the hobby itself by allowing others access to this great DX by using our stations. My shack is available to anyone who wants to come over. How about making your shack available for this purpose too?

What do you think?

  1. Glenn KE4KY says:

    DX Clubs and organizations should be pushing this same idea. Thanks for the “nudge” to consider this great idea!

    • n6pse says:

      Glenn, Yes, I fully agree with you. We should all help our fellow hams and merely sharing our shack would give a lot of guys a thrill to work some exotic DX and may boost their interest in the hobby. We need to do all we can to promote the hobby and share our interest and enthusiasm with others.

  2. Gary says:

    Totally agree.. we have to lose this mentality “I built it no way” Blah blah. I remember I was welcomed with open arms to run a contest stn, same guy said “nope” when I asked if I had a shot at #340 mixed from his “superstation” Fortunately was worked due to the generosity of one of the ops there letting me use his stn.. Also worked it 2 more times from the QRPer stn here HI RHR seems to help fill this void, I may be close to assisted living and that is my only choice then. 73/DX Gary

    • n6pse says:

      Gary, it does not seem fair for the contest station owner to prohibit you from using his station to work a new one. After all, you are there to his benefit helping him get a better contest score than he could get on his own. You are also building his DXCC totals using his call. It seems to me that he should reward the guys that help in the contest effort by sharing his shack for your DXCC pursuits. I don’t think mega contest stations should sit idle in between contests. If I had one, I would share it, in fact I would probably add it to the Remote Ham Radio network and let the masses enjoy it and pay for my upkeep.

      • ky6r says:

        Yep. I have invited quite a few to come over whenever they want to work DX.

        And build antennas together. We have had big fun at “Chez KY6R”.

        Exotic microbrews, fun wine and great food happen after the fact.

      • Gary says:

        Yes, strange isn’t it 🙂 RHR type setups will become more commonplace as us oldsters leave into the restricted confines 🙂 Frankly, if I even went on the roof again the XYL would be a widow.. I can envision “co-ops” in the near future where a buncha old (and young) DX build a decent shared remote. Thanks, I’ll never give up this hobby which has blessed me with a career and such enjoyment 73/DX Gary K7ZD

      • Mike KJ4Z says:

        I’m working to web-enable my TN station. Right now, I use the Remote Rig gear (and plan to continue doing so most of the time), but on my last trip home a couple of weeks ago, I added a new PC and some hardware that I think will let me do something very similar to a RHR WebDX. I already told some of my elmerees that they will be welcome to use it when I’m not. It’s nothing special, just some wires in the trees, but I spent a lot of money on it and it’s not doing anybody any good when it’s turned off.

        I might also open-source my remote control software, if it comes to it. It won’t be comparable to RHR’s huge, top-flight stations, but it might open some interesting new windows on the world. Let a thousand flowers bloom!

  3. EA1CS says:

    It is a good idea Paul, but I what I like and want my station and my antennae reach the goal, even very normal as is the case with my vertical …. greetings from Spain

  4. IZ7ATN Simon says:

    In some countries this idea is so much expressed in the so-called “Ham train”: one operator get in the log with several call signs… pffff!

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