My DX Summit- A review of the new DX Summit.

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized


I was recently invited to preview the new revision of DX Summit called My DX Summit by Radio Arcala. Right away I recognized much of the look and feel of the old DX Summit but with a more modern/updated appearence.

My DX Summit is very fast and refreshes spots very frequently. I found it very easy to use My DX Summit and I easily set up filters. I clicked on the Tutorials button and found explanations for the various features of My DX Summit. I found that once you set up filters, you can save them by just bookmarking the URL of the page once you have it the way you like. It is very easy to filter by bands, modes or even block out calls such as the robots at W3LPL.

I especially like the new feature of a UTC clock adjacent to the cluster. There are ads on My DX Summit the same as DX Summit. The ads don’t bother me at all.

Probably the feature that I like best about the new My DX Summit is the automatic filters that block profanity. This was lacking from DX Summit and one of the reasons why my own use of DX Summit had declined.

One feature that I am sorely disappointed to see missing from My DX Summit is the requirement for two factor authentication for posting spots. As I am currently using My DX Summit, there is no authentication required and anyone can post anything on the cluster or announcements. This is a big disappointment and will allow the continuation of abuse and spoofing of calls.  I would be much more excited about the new My DX Summit if it had a authentication requirement for all users.

My DX Summit was launched live today. Overall it is a nice improvement over DX Summit but could still use some tweaking to make it truly great. I am confident that the folks at Radio Arcala will continue to improve this important DXing tool. Check it out and see what you think!


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