The “no spot” movement……

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am noticing more and more “spots” on the DX Cluster asking “why spot-pileup was sane before spots”

It seems that there is an emerging movement against spotting. The calls listed in the cluster as the originators of these pleas are from Europe.

Cluster spots like many aspects of our hobby have their good points and bad points. While there is no substitution for just good old fashioned “spinning the dial” spots can help one find the good and rare DX. It is also nice to be able to search the cluster for a desired call sign and see when and where they have been active. This allows the Dxer to determine if there is a pattern to the Dx’s activity. I have used this technique many times to track SV2ASP/A’s activity and to try and anticipate when he might be active.

The downside to spots is that the masses that depend only on spots then descend on the DX and the magnitude of the pileup greatly intensifies within seconds of being spotted. I have seen this many times while on the DX end of a pileup.

My sense is that clusters are here to stay and that the “no spot” movement is not likely to gain any ground. The cluster “robots” such as W3LPL (not Frank but his technology) are now a fixture whether we like the robots or not.

From my perspective as a Dxer in W6, the spots for FT4TA have been beneficial for the most part. The pileups are already big but often their signals are not and one might miss them merely spinning the dial. Still, they have published their intended frequencies and they have adhered closely to them so one does know where to look for them.

For the most part, I think spots are beneficial, excluding those from robots, nodes and miscreants.

What do you think?

  1. Robert WD8NVN says:

    DX Clusters are, in my view, provide a most valuable service to the serious DXer and Contester. I believe DX Clusters are saving ham radio DXing from extinction. I certainly would not spend too much time carefully searching the bands for a needed entity; I have other things to do… Yes, there are big problems with bad behavior issues on clusters. But, at the end of the day, what matters are the spots that alerts the amateur radio DXer to wanted contacts and needed bands and modes. I do not want to be the ham who is licensed for some fifty years and has nothing to show for it. (i.e. ragchewers, net mavens, NTS traffic handlers. ) If you have a DX or contesting spot— pour it on !!!

  2. n6pse says:

    Yes Robert, I agree. DX Clusters are more beneficial than not. I use them in my shack. I cannot see where asking hams around the glob to resist from spotting would ever take hold.

  3. K0YQ says:

    I only spot DX that is calling CQ without anyone replying. Last night I was listening to T6T CQ for five minutes without a caller, so I spotted and he got busy quick. I like traditional DX spots, but the skimmer bots are taking spotting to an entirely new ridiculous level IMO. Slim chance the genie is going back into the bottle.

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