The best thing about Ham Radio…..

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Uncategorized


The best thing about Ham Radio is the people that you meet that are somehow connected to this hobby. There is an amazing amount of intellectual and technical talent in our hobby. I am amazed at how many Physicians, Scientists and smart people are in the hobby. There are also many talented and giving people. Hams all around the globe are performing humanitarian work to help their fellow man.

Hams are generally friendly people. They help each other with various challenges. One has to almost never solve a problem on their own; there is often plenty of help.

At times, we see a lot of bad behavior in our hobby and we tend to focus on it at times of stress. It’s often most notable during a rare and much anticipated and desired Dxpedition.

Looking back on my 32 years in amateur radio, I can honestly say that this hobby and most notably the people in this hobby have greatly enhanced my life and I hope they enhance yours as well.

We may be alone in our shack working the airwaves but one never has to be alone in this hobby.

What do you think?



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