Intrepid-DX Group 2014 friendship tour of Iran-Part 1

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized


Members of the Intrepid DX Group have completed their 2014 friendship tours of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our countries have a long and tangled history together and we look forward to meeting with our friends in Iran and “planting seeds” about future activities together. David-AH6HY, Dave-W6DR and myself travelled to Tehran, then onto Shiraz and the cultural center of Isfahan before returning back to Tehran for our final days in Iran.

We were very pleasantly surprised to find out how friendly and hospitable Iranians are. As Americans, We were treated very well by locals and shopkeepers alike. This was a very positive and enjoyable visit.


Dave-W6DR, Paul-N6PSE and David-AH6HY in Isfahan, Iran.

Upon our return to Tehran, we enjoyed a nice dinner with Mohsen-EP3SMH and Mohammed-EP3MIR.

Mohsen and Mohammed are among the few active amateur operators in Iran. Mohsen tells me there are thirteen licensed amateurs however only a few are active. Mohsen works for the Iran Government and is very active on 15 meters RTTY. Mohammed likes to make his own rigs and antennas and enjoys QRP with just one watt.


Mohsen-EP3SMH on left and Mohammed-EP3MIR

Mohsen and Mohammed are very passionate about amateur radio and are eager to meet and communicate with all amateur radio operators.


W6DR, N6PSE, EP3SMH, EP3MIR and AH6HY in Tehran.

We were very pleased to find that we could roam all over Tehran on foot without any restrictions on our movement.


One of the many Government buildings in Tehran.


We had fun taking photos of the murals outside the old US Embassy. These murals are over thirty years old and do not seem to reflect the current feelings towards the USA.


The old US Seal on the Embassy wall.


David-AH6HY at the old US Embassy wall.


Despite this thirty year old mural, I found Iranians to be very friendly to Americans. I heard “America is very good” a number of times during our visit.



A traditional Bazaar in Tehran.


An elevator parking storage system.


The Karimkhan Citadel in Shiraz.


The Nasirolmolk mosque in Shiraz.


The interior of the Nasirolmolk mosque.


The Vakil Mosque in Shiraz.



The ancient ruins of Persepolis Palace.

Watch for Part 2 of the Intrepid-DX Group’s friendship tour of Iran.

What do you think?

Paul N6PSE

  1. Al says:

    It seems you had a super trip combining ham radio, culture and history. I hope to make a similar trip someday. Thanks for the mini-travelogue. Waiting for Part II.
    Al- N6TA

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