Zorro is now QRT as E30FB. 4,200+ contacts in the log!

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Myanmar_2013 217_Zorro

Our friend Zorro-JH1AJT is working his magic again!  This time, in Asmara Eritrea.

Here is the latest update from Eritrea with previous updates down below:

E3 Update – 23 September 2014
Zorro shut down the station around 18:00 UTC on 22nd September for this trip. He reported that he made 4,200+ QSOs, with his pleasure of giving ATNOs. He said it was the toughest QRV from DX he had ever experienced and exhausted himself by his official duties. However, he was healed whenever he heard “Thank you Zorro for your hard work.”
He is on his way back to JA land and expected to arrive Tokyo around noon on 24 September local time. We will start arranging  DXCC and LoTW documentations and register the LoTW account. We also will provide ClubLog online check and OQRS for convenient QSLing, after he returns to SEISA/FGC office.
FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

E3 Update – 22 September 2014

Zorro has made 3,936 QSOs until 03:30 UTC today, since the start on 17th September.  Today is the final day for this trip.  He will be out to a meeting this morning but you may expect some QRV until around 18Z this evening. He will be taking down 30/40m GPs this afternoon first. Then pull down Small-IR and shutting down the station later this evening around 18Z.
FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

E3 – Update 21 September 2014

Zorro reported that he made 2,868 contacts by this morning at 02:30Z. He was on 10m last night and would be on HIS favorite band again today.  He is running only barefoot now due to the amplifier failure.  He also has PC interface and keying trouble, thus no more CW/RTTY could be expected.  Well ladies and gentlemen, good luck!!
FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

E3 Update – 20 September 2014

According to Zorro in Asmara, he made 2,308 QSOs by 04Z today, mainly on 15 and 20m, besides a little bit on 30 and 40m bands.  He is experiencing some gear troubles time to time as you may have noticed. He sincerely apologizes for the inconveniences and thanks for you patience. He has one more meeting today but other than that he will be keep running for you, the audience in the DX world.
He will QRV until Monday 22nd, but will start taking down 30/40m antennas early on that day.
GL & 73,
FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

E3 Update – 19 September 2014

Zorro made almost 1,400 QSOs by 02Z today, providing ATNOs with his pleasure. He has been not sleeping very much, maybe only two or three hours everyday, as you see the cluster’s spots. Activities were on 15 and 20m so far, but planning to be on 17m band sometime this evening. A good news is that the missing last box, amplifier was finally arrived by today’s flight. It is under customs clearance now and we may expect better signals this weekend.
*E3 Info – 19 September 2014
Here’s some additional info of Zorro’s activities in Eritrea, other than amateur radio
9/17 Eritrea – Ministry of Information
9/17 TesfaNews
9/17 ERi-TV News (1’10” – 3’30”)
If you are generously willing to support FGC activities in Eritrea, here’s the PayPal account for the mission;
e3@fgc.or.jp  Please do not forget to mention your call sign in the “Email to recipient: Subject or Message field” when you send.
FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

E3 Update – 18 September 2014

Zorro started QRV as E30FB at 12 UTC yesterday on 21,300 SSB using TS-590 and Small-IR vertical antenna. I believe that the lucky guys made their ANTOs, congratulations!  He received six boxes of delayed gears as previously reported but still missing one containing an amplifier. It must be sleeping somewhere in Paris (CDG) airport.  He has been to Asmara airport everyday at 3 a.m. to check if the box was on the flight, and return to his hotel two hours later without success.  He sincerely apologize the audience for the inconveniences. Zorro now has his amplifier.
As for the meetings with Eritrean authorities, all are going well like the call sign “FB !!”  He still has a lot of meetings to attend but he will try to QRV as much as possible when he finds time, until 22nd.
He does not have internet access thus we can not get log data until his return to JA. We will upload the logs as soon as possible for online checking.  We will also provide OQRS and LoTW confirmation in due course.
GL es 73,
FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

E3 Update – 16 September 2014

Zorro is very busy, as expected or more than expected, after arrival in Asmara, Eritrea. He had been scheduled to have more than 30 meetings with Eritrean authorities, and among those he already had a successful and fruitful meeting with President of Eritrea yesterday.
Out of delayed seven boxes, six were arrived this morning. However, the one containing a linear amplifier is still missing. Zorro expects to manage some time to set-up the station by Wed. 17th 17Z. In the meantime, he will run 100W barefoot until the amp arrival. A good news is that he received his license yesterday from the authority. (call sign to be announced later)
Due to the tight schedule of Zorro, QRV time will be very limited and could not expect a large number of QSOs this time, however, FGC Radio team will conduct a team DX-Pedition to E3 – Eritrea in near future.
GL es 73,
FGC Radio Team
  1. Jonathan W6GX says:

    Zorro’s dedicated and commitment to the ham community truly makes him a DX’er hero. I wish to nominate him for the DX Hall of Fame.

    • n6pse says:

      Zorro is just amazing! Yes, boundless energy and determination. He is an inspiration and I respect him greatly. He deserves to be in the CQ DX Hall of Fame.

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