Good hams….BAD Hams….Part 4

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

In my previous installments of Good hams Bad hams, I have focused on the good and humanitarian aspects of amateur radio. I have highlighted the humanitarian efforts of various hams as they use our hobby to serve and improve the existence of their fellow man.

On of the more unfortunate aspects of amateur radio are the bad hams of the hobby that seem bent on bothering and offending others. As hams, we are all human and we all make mistakes, but some hams take their bad deeds to a whole new level. Some hams post phony ads for gear for sale and then rip off the unsuspecting hams eager to get a great piece of gear at a good price. There are plenty of comments on and about hams that rip off and steal from other hams.

Today, I am glad to report that the FCC has issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to Michael Guernsey-KZ80. You might recognize Guernsey has he holds his roost at 14.313 and displays all kinds of bad behavior. The FCC has proposed a penalty of $22,000 against KZ8O. The notice of apparent liability notes that Mr. Guernsey has been repeatedly warned in writing by the Enforcement Bureau about causing interference to other amateur radio operators. His history of noncompliance, combined with his deliberate disregard for Commission authority warrants a significantly increased penalty. Let’s hope that he also has to forfeit his amateur radio privileges.

At this same time, the FCC has also issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to Brian Crow-K3VR or “Kay Three Vomit Radio” as Crow describes his call sign on the radio. Crow is another denizen of 14.313 and together with KZ80, they have caused a lot of problems for Contesters, DXpeditions and hams in general throughout the years. The FCC is proposing a penalty of $11,500 against Crow.

These actions by the FCC are very welcomed and come on the heels of their efforts to reign in Glenn Baxter-K1MAN. In early July, 2014, the FCC dismissed Baxter’s long standing license renewal application invoking a rule which gives the Commission authority to turn down a pending application if the applicant has an unpaid find on the books. Baxter had been liable for a $10,000 FCC forfeiture stemming from violations over a period extending back several decades. You can read more of Baxter’s antics on the K1MAN Exposed Blog at:

I’m really glad to see our FCC go after KZ8O and K3VR. These actions are necessary to preserve the hobby.

What do you think?

  1. Mike KJ4Z says:

    That is interesting news about K1MAN. I looked in ULS and it does indeed show the license as canceled, with the notation “internal correction applied” dated 6/30. The renewal petition had been pending for nine (!) years. Was he allowed to operate during that period?

    • bryan says:

      Check the FCC sight and it will show K1MAN as canceled witch will soon be the fate of kz8o and k3vr thank god…

  2. John AE5X says:

    Prior to reading this, I was happily ignorant of all those mentioned except K1MAN.

  3. Joe Mama says:

    From what I understand, K1MAN is still broadcasting, this time without the benefit of having a pending license renewal. So after the FCC nixed his renewal, any further transmissions from K1MAN are of a pirate nature.

    I haven’t heard his signal since the Charlie yanked his license renewal, but I’ve seen online where he’s still broadcasting, and a ham who knows where he lives drove to his house and found that the signals were coming from Baxter’s residence.

    So if he is still going, and knowing Baxter’s arrogance he probably is, I hope the FCC tracks him down and this time takes his equipment.

  4. bryan says:

    Looks like that 22,000 dollar fine has not deterred KZ8O because he has not skipped a beat of acting like an ass hole on 20 meters….Just this last week KZ8O was QRMing the field day operators AGAIN all day. Passing racial slurs at people over the air .Then I guess he really started drinking heavily over 4 of July weekend and went crazy on 14.313 he was fighting with everyone. He is certentaly one sick puppy that needs professional mental help….

  5. Chick says:

    Well, I don’t know either chap personally, but I suspect when the renewal doesn’t happen, they cannot legally operate. I wish the Feds would clean up the other miscreants including the head honcho from VE7 stupid land. Man, that has been a mess forever. Don’t understand why the feud or whatever, but I think it is silly and childish. I am suspecting though, not much will change. Where one becomes absent on that frequency, someone else starts it up again anew.

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