Humanitarian Hams Part 3, the Italian Humanitarian effort continues.

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ambulance1 Ambulance2

Angelo IK2CKR and Silvano I2YSB with second Ambulance to be donated.


This is the second Ambulance to be donated to the Galkayo, Somalia Hospital. As you can see it is very clean and like new!

In this third installment of Good hams…bad hams… I’d like to tell you of the ongoing great work of the Italian Dxpedition Team led by Silvano Borsa-I2YSB.

Silvano and his team have long been working with Dr. Jama, head of the Galkayo Hospital in Somalia. In fact, they have made three separate DXpeditions to Somalia in support of their work in Galkayo. They are supporting various programs and have been involved in the donation of an Ambulance.

Since those activities, they have continued to raise money and support for their project in Galkayo. They have raised donations from various sources including the ARI in Italy. Silvano has been assisted by Angelo-IK2CKR and his team in meeting their next goal which is to donate a second Ambulance. Pictured is the second ambulance which will be placed in a container and shipped to Galkayo, Somalia later this year. The transport will be made with the assistance of PERIGEO, a non profit Italian Association.

A truly splendid effort from the Italian Dxpedition Team!

If you know a Humanitarian ham, please send me the information- paul at n6pse dot com

  1. ea1cs says:

    Thanks Paul for all 3 articles for Humanitarian Hams, it’s good to see that there are really people committed to helping others….best 73

  2. n6pse says:

    Yes, the Italian DXpedition Team is really committed to their cause and I admire what they are doing so much! They are a fantastic group of Humanitarian hams!

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