Playing the blame game is bad form….

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized


Planning a Dxpedition requires a lot of effort and hard work. The Dxpedition leader must have a vision and the passion to bring multiple elements together for a good result. The Dxpedition Leader must convey his vision and plans to his prospective team members and he must continually provide them with the confidence that there will be a high degree of success. DXpeditioners are highly motivated people. They have an extra keen interest in adventure and hard work. They are not timid followers. They will not be led off of a cliff.

The Dxpedition leader must instill confidence in all aspects of the Dxpedition or it is in jeopardy of failure. Any weakness or focus on abstract areas can derail the Dxpedition. During each Dxpedition there are various stages of concern for potential failure. There are always fears of doom.

When things don’t go right, the Dxpedition Leader should look at things from all angles. Some may have tendency to blame others or outside forces. There are always other DXpeditions forming. DXpeditioners are interested in DXpeditions that will be exciting and will likely achieve a high degree of success. DXpeditioners will bolt when their confidence is eroded or when they feel that they are not given a voice in the planning and orchestration of the Dxpedition.

Right now, there is one Dxpedition that is playing the “blame game”. Rather than look inward at their challenges and their approach, they are blaming others for their difficulties. Even after an “olive branch” has been extended the blame game goes on. Complaining to funding organizations and sponsors is poor form and accomplishes nothing. If anything it makes the complainer look desperate. Desperate men don’t inspire confidence or make bold men want to follow them. Bold men will bolt to better opportunities. Remember the Titanic?  There are only so many lifeboats. No one wants to get stuck on the sinking ship.

Playing the blame game is not productive. It does not do the things required to fix what is broken. It does not inspire confidence or give the impression that all is well. The blame game can be the start of a negative spiral from which there is no pulling out. Those playing the blame game must step back and look at things from all angles. Myopic views are a hindrance. The big picture will show what is ailing. Listen to the feedback from others and digest/synthesize it. People will tell you what is wrong if you just listen. Yes men will tell you yes as much as you want but if you really want to know the truth, listen to the men that really care.

I hope that things can be turned around with the right Leadership and the right methods. Truly rare entities deserve the best activation as possible. The DX Community is watching. Good luck!



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