Don’t be a DX Kop!

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized


I’m one of those Dxers that does a lot more listening than transmitting. I like to get “in and out” of a pileup, but I also like to listen. I listen to the cadence and skill of the operator. I look for what techniques they are using and what might be effective.

I also listen to the many stations calling whether it is split or simplex. Quite often, I hear stations work the DX and then the same station will remain on frequency and act as what I call a “DX Kop”.

A DX Kop is someone who thinks they are helping the pileup but in reality they are just adding to the QRM and confusion on the DX’s frequency. Most DX Kop’s have good intentions and really think they are helping but most of us know they are not.

Sometimes I hear people I know acting as DX Kops. These are competent and capable operators. They seem to have a complete lapse of judgment when they go into “DX Kop” mode. Some of them are members of my local DX Club. Their voices are quite unique and it is easy to recognize their voice. Others are prominent hams who are well known.

Many DX Kops get abusive with the pileup and make comments like “up five Lid” or “what part of up don’t you understand”.

The other night, I was listening to W1AW/KL7. The operator was very competent and he was quite loud. He was stating that he was listening up on almost every transmission. Then I heard a friend of mine transmitting over the W1AW/KL7 and acting as a DX Kop. I’ve heard this friend make comments and act as a DX Kop before. This friend is a great operator and a super enthusiastic ham, but like any DX Kop, he has lapses. I could sense his frustration building and just as many DX Kops do, he started making comments to the pileup. Mind you this is all taking place on top of the DX Station!

There are so very few situations where a DX Kop actually helps the pileup. I feel that DX Kops are misguided and they are as much lids as the lids they think they are helping. DX Kops need to realize that their peers are hearing them and that we don’t like what they are doing.

Don’t be a DX Kop!  DX Kops are Lids!

What do you think?


  1. N7SMI says:

    I certainly understand your sentiment, but pointing out their flaws and mistakes on a blog isn’t likely to stop them from pointing out the flaws and mistakes of others on the air.

    Folks that engage in this behavior are better served by positive mentoring and being reminded and enlightened that what they’re doing is detrimental to them and the hobby. Simply calling them out as lids is, I think, more likely to push them further in the DQRM (Deliberate QRM) camp than it is to bring about a positive change in behavior.

    If you know who these guys are, I’d think a kind telephone call or a private conversation at a club meeting about what you’ve observed would help them more than a blog posting where they are called lids for calling other people lids.

    • n6pse says:

      I’m not a Psychologist, but I have got to think that if the DX Kop’s peers (us) plant the seed, that we are listening, we recognize their voices and that we don’t like what they are doing, some of them may have second thoughts. I recently heard one of our club members grossly calling out of turn in a pileup. I emailed this member a short recording of him calling out of turn. He replied in a nice and graceful fashion and apologized for the way in which he was operating his station. Bottom line is that some guys care what we think and will have second thoughts and other guys don’t care of what anyone thinks of them and they will continue.

      • N7SMI says:

        Yes, I very much agree. I think your post is spot on, except for calling everyone that engages in this behavior a lid. Some just need educated – and I think it best if we do that without stooping to their own level. If you’d have e-mail your fellow club member and called him a “lid” or other names, I doubt that his reaction would have been as positive. I like the idea of using the audio recordings – I think they can speak for themselves.

  2. Robert WD8NVN says:

    DX Kops, K.C. Cops, whatever one calls them, at-the-end-of-the-day is a problem that cannot be completely solved with the current available technology. Lids, intentional QRM, nasty operators, are part of the Amateur radio experience…….

  3. Floyd says:

    I AGREE 100% Paul… nice post 73 Floyd, N5FG

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