When DXpedition plans collide…..

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized


Sometimes situations arise where two competing DXpedition teams plan to activate the same entity. This happens every few years and it almost always leaves one of the groups dejected and disappointed.

This week, it became apparent that two groups planned to activate T31-Kanton Island later in 2014. On June, 16th the Italian group led by Fabi-IW3SQY announced their plans to activate T31R in November 2014. T31 is currently ranked #31 most wanted DXCC in Clublog and #39 in the DX Magazine most wanted list.

A few days later, Hans-DK9KX announced that his group planned to activate Kanton Island in September, 2014 as T31M.

It appears that both teams have a boat under contract and have a license.

I can understand the disappointment of these two teams. After many months of careful planning and negotiating with boat owners they learn that there effort may be for nothing. No group wants to go right after another group has activated an entity. There will be little financial support or excitement about their plans. The team will have to be self funded and costs to charter a boat in this part of the world can easily exceed $100,000 or more.

I have read that the T31R team has suggested that both groups merge. That would probably be the best solution. There is still plenty of time to work out all the details. Probably the most critical issue is the problem of having two boats under contract.

The important thing is that these two groups continue talking to each other. I learned an important lesson in May, 2012 when I protested the announcement from the Italian DXpedition Team that they were about to go to Somalia months after my group announced our plans. Both groups made assumptions about each other and it got a little nasty. But once we started talking to each other instead of at each other, we were able to resolve our conflict in a mature fashion.

Today, my group and the Italian DXpedition group are best of friends with a great deal of respect for each other. We were able to reach this level only by taking our issue out of the public realm and discussing our issues to each other.

The lesson I learned is to avoid making a dispute in public. I also learned that the global DX Community does not care about such matters and only wants their DX! They don’t care who provides it or when or under what circumstances. I see this unfolding with the two T31 teams. The global DX Community is urging both teams to continue with their plans. While that is certainly possible, it is not practical and one or both teams will suffer financially if they continue on that path.

I hope that both teams can talk and work through their issues and resolve them so that everyone is satisfied.

What do you think?





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