Humanitarian Hams Part 1

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Uncategorized


 On left, Dr Jay Garlitz-AA4FL practices Dentistry on Banaba Island. On right, Dr. Vince Thompson-K5VT (SK)

Amateur Radio operators or “Hams” come from all walks of life. By and large, most hams are very good people. They are Engineers, Policemen, Lawyers, Doctors and Philanthropists. I am truly blessed and amazed at the fine friends and people that I have come to know through this hobby.

Hams do many good and wonderful things. They educate, they teach, they heal and they solve the riddles of science and life. Many hams are technical by nature and they create wonderful technology and provide technology solutions.

Unfortunately, some hams are bad hams. They lie, cheat and steal from others. They cause havoc and disruption on the bands with the rude and crass manner in which they operate. They list phony items for sale only to steal money from other hams. Young hams, old hams, the victims don’t matter to the thieves. You can read the many tales of woe on and about the many bad hams and their scams. It is an unfortunate side of this hobby. Perhaps there should be a “Wall of Shame” for these miscreants that victimize others within this great hobby. Many of these shameless characters do their scams over and over again compiling scores of victims knowing that Law Enforcement has bigger issues to tackle.

Hams can be our own worst enemies and we can be our best friends and advocates. Hams should speak out more about the good and bad aspects of this hobby and who is behind the good and bad deeds.

Let’s start by talking about good hams. Atilano de Oms-PY5EG is a good ham and a very good man. Atilano or “Oms” as he is called is a Philanthropist and “doer” behind the scenes in this hobby. He is not eager to take credit or gain recognition for the many fine things that he does. I’ve recently written about Y. “Zorro” Miyazawa. He too is an educator, Philanthropist and responsible for many fine aspects of our great hobby. Zorro cares deeply about his fellow man and is actively involved in providing aid and assistance in Bangladesh, Myanmar and other needy places.

Dr. Jay Garlitz-AA4FL is a good man and a good ham. Dr. Garlitz recently provided dental care to dozens of villagers on Banaba Island during the T33A Dxpedition. Noted Dxpeditioner and Contester Dr Vince Thompson-K5VT (SK) was a good man and a good ham. He travelled extensively and provided Surgery and care to many during his travels. This hobby needs more men like Atilano, Zorro, Dr. Garlitz and Dr Vince Thompson.

Silvano Borsa-I2YSB and his Italian Dxpedition Team are good men and good hams. For years now, they have been raising money to support a hospital and its programs in Somalia. David Collingham-K3LP and Ken Clearbout-K4ZW are good men and good hams. Both men are mentoring and supporting the students that run the ET3AA club station at the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. David has donated equipment and has paid for numerous license fees and other government fees on behalf of the students.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Good hams bad hams….





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