Tribute to Sid May-ET3SID

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Uncategorized


Sid-ET3SID and Paul-N6PSE visit in the “shack” at the Addis Ababa Technical University Club station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

When I met Sid May-ET3SID in December 2011, he knew that his time was short.  Sid lived and worked for much of his life in the Middle East and Africa. He had come to love Ethiopia and its people. Kideste was the second love of his life. Sid loved Amateur Radio and he did all he could to promote Amateur Radio in Ethiopia. Sid was instrumental in creating the ET3AA Club Station at Addis Ababa University. This was an elaborate station built with parts given, loaned and borrowed from others.  Sid welcomed others to enjoy the ET3AA station as he mentored the University students and developed them as Operators and as Engineers.

Sid received no pay for his work at the University; however he was rich in personal satisfaction.  He experienced great joy in developing his Engineering students as Amateur Radio Operators, even within the system that did not facilitate such activities. Sid was able to prepare 57 students and himself to become US licensed Amateur Radio operators and Volunteer Examiners. He did this as he knew his time was short. In his last weeks of life, Sid worked hard to ensure that the ET3AA club station and his legacy of amateur radio in Ethiopia would endure long after he was gone.

I asked Sid about the multiple Melanomas on his face and why he was not seeking treatment. He said that the Doctors that he had consulted wanted to remove his nose and ear. He said that he could not finish his work or enjoy his beloved hobby of amateur radio without his nose or ear. Sid was preparing another 100 students for their US Amateur Radio exams when his time ran out.  I am very glad to have known Sid and to have called him my friend. Some of us go through life as a doer or as a spectator. Sid was a doer until the very end. He will be sorely missed by all of those whose lives he has touched.


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