Hurray for the new guys! Emerging DXpedition Leaders-one’s to watch!

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Uncategorized


On left, Jon-K7CO and Christan-K7CXN as VK9X, on right, Krish-W4VKU enjoys a cold one at Dayton 2014.

Krish-W4VKU and Jon-K7CO gave the DX Community quite a thrill this year with their emergence as Dxpedition planners & leaders.

Krish emerged as VU4K from Port Blair, the Andaman Islands on a solo trip. He operated in grand fashion for ten days in late March. Krish quickly follow on with solo and team activations from VU4, 8Q7 and VU7 in both solo and team activations. Krish showed very adept skills in planning and dealing with challenging foreign bureaucracy. Krish assembled a fine team of operators and they gave everyone a lot of fun on the bands!

Jon-K7CO and Christan-K7CXN activated Christmas Island as VK9X during July, 2014. This was a small, low power operation but they showed much promise for future activations. In fact, just today, Jon announced his plans to activate 4W during October, 2014.

Krish and Jon are my “One’s to watch” as they have brought new enthusiasm and excitement to the bands in much the same fashion as was done decades ago by other DX legends. Let’s all sit back and watch, listen and support Krish and Jon in their future endeavors,

What do you think?

  1. Eric KF7CSO says:

    I think you are absolutely correct. It looks like the DX community has a couple of good ones to pick up the torch.

  2. Paula- KK4OK says:

    I agree! Both are nice fellas too!

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